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Q: How do you get the kings approval on spore hero Wii?
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When does spore hero for Wii come out?

it alrady came out

Is spore hero for Wii wifi?

No Also many people think spore PC is wifi but it is not.

On spore hero wii where are all the idol parts?

at mars

What are the spore games called?

Spore (PC) Spore Creatures (DS) Spore Hero (Wii) Spore Hero Arena (DS) Spore: Creepy and Cute Expansion (PC) Spore: Galactic Adventures (PC) Spore Creature Keeper (Not released yet)

How do you beat Zorro for Wii?

Play Spore Hero Wii and go to the cave in the second level.

How do you charge in spore hero?

Shake the wii nunchuck and you will charge.

When does spore hero come out for the Wii?

this game comes out- october 2009

Is spore for wii multi player?

If you mean by Spore hero then yes. You will need nun chucks for both controllers also.

What are the Spore games?

Spore (PC) Spore Galactic Adentures (PC) Spore Creature Creator (PC) Spore Creature Keeper (PC) Spore Creepy and Cute (PC) Darkspore (PC) Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena (Wii, Nintendo DS) Spore Creatures (Nintendo DS, IPhone) Spore Origins (IPhone)

Is a Spore game being made for Wii?

Yes; it's called Spore Hero and should come out sometime in September 2009.

What are the games starring Spore?

Old Spore (PC only) Spore (PC only) Spore Galactic Adventures (PC only) Spore Creepy and Cute (Parts pack) Spore Creature Keeper (PC only) Spore Creatures (Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad) Spore Origins (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Spore Hero (Nintendo Wii only) Spore Hero Arena (Nintendo DS only) Darkspore (PC only)

Is a game like spore only not for the PC or ds?

It is for mac too, and it is coming out for Wii, it's called spore hero, and there is another one coming out for DS, spore hero arena. SporeFan: It has already come out for wii. It's called Spore Hero. There is two DS games for your information. And a computer game. -But the PC version I think is the best. I fell it is more nature-like. In spore hero, you can be whatever you want, but your adventure is decided for you. In the PC version, you can be whatever you want, then you can choose to be friendly or warlike, religious or trading, and more. I would say that the PC version is more 'free'.