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How do you get the other password to the warehouse in Pokemon?


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I think you need to beat trainer tower or defeat all the trainers on every island.


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Pokémon Dark Future is a ROM hack for Pokémon Crystal. It may not be possible to get into the argent warehouse with a password yet as the game is still not finished.

after this occurs he will give you a password go to five island and enter the rocket warehouse which is to the right of the Pokemon center. After going through the warehouse defeat the guy who stole the sapphire and he will give it to you.

im not sure off the top of my head what the passwords are but you have to ask the team rocket members after you defeat them in a Pokemon battle and that's how you get the passwords

in the rocket boss room talk to murkrow then go back to the locked door and password will be typed

To get inside the Rocket Warehouse, you must have two passwords. If you go to Mt. Ember on One Island, you will find a cave to the right side which is garded by two Team Rocket Members. Go to them and you will overhear their converstion. One of the members will say the first password to the Warehouse. Note: Make sure to go in the cave an write down the brail alphabet that is inside. You will need it to get the other password. To get the other password, you have to find the Sapphire on Six Island. When you try to take it, a guy will come out of nowhere, take your Sappire, and run away! Talk about rude! But, he does give you the other password to the Warehouse, where he has taken it.

Looker will meet you at the warehouse and he will have the key.

Go to Veilstone City and go into the Galactic Warehouse

to get the second password for the warehouse, you need to go in to the dotted cave in island 5. and the pattern of the holles are forward,left,right. to amazement you find the sapphire, then some random guy takes it and says that he is gong to sell it to team rocket then tells you the second password

The warehouse is in Goldenrod City, it is a small building NW of the city.

After battling against all the rockets in the room where you get the first password, talk to all of them and one will have the password.

In The Galactic Warehouse.

The first password you will get from 2 team rocket grunts at mt ember (after you get national dex). Second is in dotted hole at island 6 when the man working for team rocket who meets you near the sapphire

you need to have gotten the ruby.then you must open the dotted hole on six island using cut. then you go to the top hole, then left, right, and down, in that order. when you try to grab the sapphire, a geek comes up and steals it, then gives you the second password to get into the rocket warehouse.You must go to the Dotted Hole on Six Island. You will receive the password from a Rocket Scientist in the Sapphire room.

just apply cut on the dotted cave on island six and go down ... then a rocket scientist come and take your gem and give you rocket warehouse password... then go to warehouse and fight to all....

There's no password to get a Porygon in Pokemon Black. You'll need to trade from Pokemon White.

I'ts on 5 Island in the meadow.The warehouse is on five island.

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