How do you get the respect of your friends parents?


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Do not lie to them. Be nice.

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They're human, so the same way you respect your parents and friends.

Then they are not real friends. Real friends respect their friends and accept his talents.

You respect your parents by honoring in what they say or do, even if you don't agree with them.

show your parents that your friends are very smart, polite, and well behaved if your friends are not like that then just make them act like that while your parents are around ==Another thought...== The way to get your parents to like your friends pick nice friends. That may seem like a flip answer, but when you think about it, it's really not. Your parents love you and want you to be happy and succeed in life. They understand that part of this is going to have a lot to do with the friends you choose. If they see you with friends who they feel will be a negative influence on you and hinder or obstruct your efforts to grow and to become a happy, productive member of society, they are naturally going to object. When you pick your friends, try to look beyond what is "popular" or "cool" and see if you can find friends with personal characteristics that you respect, like kindness, honesty, integrity, etc. Having friends that you like and respect as individuals, and that like and respect you as an individual, will go a long way towards helping you become a happy, self-respecting adult...not to mention making your parents happy. Good luck.

children do not respect their parents because children do not like to be told what to do and what they are doing wrong you must show them who is boss.Answer:Parents do not get respect as their right, it must be earned not commanded. Parents who abuse their children, lie, cheat, steal or are not honorable do not deserve respect.

One must have respect for one's parents.One must respect his parents

The children are likely to grow up with poor social communicational skills. as well as developing a lack of respect for their parents.

your parents can judge your friends. but that's only because they don't want bad influences on you. you shouldn't be hanging out with people your parents wont like anyway. i get it if you have a friend that likes to have fun, but i have friends like that to and their good people they just don't always agree with the rules, but if their at my house they respect my parents and that's why i can hang out with them. its ok to be a teenager or a have fun but if your a grown person. they shouldn't judge.

The parents who are narrow minded & who always oppose their child's dreams are donkey parents. All parents love their child, but if parents will give respect to child then child will always give them respect.

Trust your friends and family Love your friends and family respect your friends and family serve your friends and family do what your parents tell you to do It's worth fighting and overcoming fears for the One's you love You won't know what you have until its gone

respect means to either acknowledge or honor someone with value. Eg to respect your parents-to treat you parents with value.

because there parents haven't taugt dem respect

No, Their parents shouldn't be putting them at work in a mine.

hustle=to do this fast loyalty=not turn on friends repsect= give respect to others and you will get respect back to you

Listen, respect, and obey them

Parents, Elders, Family

do not ever say any bad words to them and kiss or hug your parents. you can simply respect them by following there rules but still depends.

treat her with respect and you will be repected....don't say 'i do respect her' ask what she wants and give it her or compromise

Respect, is in fact, a subject unto itself. You can respect your parents, you respect authority, and respect other people, the environment, everyone and everything deserves respect. Lack of respect for things leads to chaos, and ill will.

Be nice to them and EAT THEM ALIVE!!!! I'm kidding. If you respect them, they will respect you back.

RESPECT is a big thing and you want to know how to "RESPECT"... then follow my little hi5 quick list: RESPECT # Listen to the things that others say # Help them in whatever they need help in # Address them the way you address your wonderful parents # Follow the persons directions # Treat them like your best friends I hope my hi5 quick list works for you.

The two friends held mutual respect for each other.

"Yes, you should respect your parents because in the Bible and in the Koran it said that when you respect your parents your children will respect you and when you don't respect your parents your children wont respect you." Oh yeah, in the Bible and the Qu'ran. Yes, that is how it's spelled. This depends on how your parents treat you. If you can support yourself, then by all means cut them off. And this 'children won't respect you' belief is pure nonsense. You can still be a great parent without letting your children know who their grandparents are. I did not know my grandfather on my "father's side" and did he go astray? Please, go look up the facts. I doubt you were in that situation, you under-educated pinger.

because respect is a wha to live you need to because your parents are in charge of you and they brought you into this world they are the ones who fed and lovvvved you do not have an atitude with them" you parent'

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