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You will have to be more specific as to what happened and what brand of computer you have. If you reinstalled windows, you will have to use the disk that came with your computer to install the sound card drivers. If you dont have a disk, go to the manufacturer's website and search for them.

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Q: How do you get the sound back on your computer if you have lost the program and need sound back?
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You lost sound in your computer is it possible for someone to gone into your computer and turn off your sound?

If the computer does not log you off automatically when it enters standby, then yes. Also, this could be a sign of a faulty sound card that needs to be replaced.

What is the Windows backup utility used for?

The Windows backup utility allows the user to back up personal information on the computer in case the information gets lost for some reason. The utility does not back up the whole computer so the installed programs are not backed up with this program.

What should you check if you have suddenly lost sound on your computer?

Make sure your sound card is properly connected inside your computer to the motherboard. Make sure the driver is working properly. check your sound card and your wiring.

What is more valuable a computer or data?

The data itself. PROVIDED you have an up-to-date back-up of your data - a 'lost' computer can be replaced. You CANNOT replace lost data without a back-up.

How does NTFS data recovery work?

NTFS data recovery is a computer program that is used to find damaged drives and lost files. It is downloaded onto your computer and it will scan your computer for the files that were lost, damaged or deleted. It can find corrupted files, data and pictures.

What is storage back up in computing?

Storage back-up is where data stored on the computer is transferred to a disk or another drive, in case the data on the computer is lost.

Can you get roxio back your computerwithout buying it?

I reformated my computer and i lost my roxio program.Is there some way i can get it back without buying it?

What is a duplicate of a file program or disk that you can use in case the original is lost damaged or destroyed?

back up

What is the meaning of a computer 'backup'?

It is when you make a copy of files that are in your computer to another media, say a blank CD or a floppy disk, so that in the event your computer crashes, you wouldn't have lost your important documents or even program files

In computer science what does persistence refer to?

The term persistence in Computer Science, refers to the stored information (known as state), which outlives the executed computer program (or process). Persistence is important, without it all computer stored information would be lost whenever a computer is shut down.

If you turn the computer off the information in the computer's memory will be?


I lost the sound in my computer.when i go to control panel it says there is no sound device but my device manager says that they are working properly. bt i have so sound. how can i get my sound back?

if your sound was working before, I would consider a system restore back to a date that you know it was working. Be careful though, programs that are installed after that date will need to be reinstalled.

When shipping a computer why is it not a good idea to ship backups of the system in the same package as the computer?

Because, if the computer is lost in transit - you also lose the back-up software. If they're shipped as separate items, there's less likelihood of both being lost.

Does hibernating a computer cost money?

Hibernating a computer costs no more than turning it off. All computers have RAM and a HDD. The ram stores information temporarily which is lost when power is lost, while the HDD is used for long term storage and is kept when power is lost. When you hibernate your computer it saves everything it is proccessing on the RAM at the time to the HDD. Then when you turn your computer back on it moves all the proccesses back onto the RAM. So... no, it shouldn't cost anymore than turning it off.

How do you protect your computer against lost data?

Use a removeable Flash drive to back up your files

How do you get your old LimeWire files back that you lost?

If you have recently lost your LimeWire files, you can use system restore under the open tab. This will restore your computer to the point where you had the files.

Where can I go to get data recovery from my computer that I use?

You often can't get data back from your computer. If you deleted it, sometimes you can click undo. To prevent and back up your work from getting lost, you can save it every few minutes, and back it up on a separate hard drive.

How do you get your farmville and Farmtown back on your computer had to put in a new harddrive had to replace hard drive in computer lost farmville and farntown pluse Facebook how do you get them back?

If you mean farmville on facebook, then you just have to log into your account. Your farm will be intact

If your CPU goes out in your computer what information will you lose?

It depends. The CPU is what makes the computer do everything. For example, if you had a word processing program open and you didn't save the information beforehand, that data will probably be lost or permanently corrupted.

How do you retrieve deleted pictures from mobile phones?

It is highly possible for you to retrieve the lost photos as long as you take the right steps. First of all - do not write anything back to the device. Then pick a photo recovery program to recover them. Just connect your mobile phone (memory card) to the computer that has installed such program and then start to recovery.

What is the use of remote backup software?

The use is that if you are away from your main computer, you can use another computer to back up the information on your main computer. That way if something happens to the hard drive, and the information is lost, you have a copy of it.

When was Lost in the Sound of Separation created?

Lost in the Sound of Separation was created on 2008-08-30.

What utility program checks for cross-linked and lost cluster?

windows 2000XP check disk command press chkdsk.exe in properties of my computer

URGENT if i lost that removable drive that u stick in computer is there any way you can get your data back?

No, not unless you made a backup.

Why is it important to back up files to a removable storage device?

My last computer was prone to crashing, viruses, etc. Music I had purchased over the internet would be lost, forcing me to re-purchase it, as well as reloading licensed CD's in my possession. Digital photographs were lost that could not be replaced (I lost 2 years of photos). In short, a back-up drive is like an insurance policy- If your computer dies, or if it is hit by a virus, you simply up-load files. It is a good idea not to leave the back-up drive connected to you computer, to avoid infections.