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u go on the website. then sign up or sign in. then mke your penguin

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โˆ™ 2010-11-23 22:05:05
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Q: How do you get the thing to make your penguin on Club Penguin?
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What is cp trainer on Club Penguin?

a club penguin trainer is a thing where you you can discover all the cheats in club penguin and make your penguin do that cheat.

How do you make your penguin flip on Club Penguin?

Its imposible to make your penguin flip on club penguin.

How do you make a dream penguin on club penguin without going to a dream penguin shop?

You can't. There is no such thing as a dream penguin! Sorry.

Where is Club Penguin HTML?

you mean for a club penguin trainer or to make a widget for club penguin?

How do you make an igloo icon on club penguin?

You can't make a igloo icon in is already there on the club penguin taskbar (thing at bottom)if you can't see it it's probably a glitch/error/bug on club penguin.

How do you get an igloo in club penguin?

make a penguin

On Club Penguin how do you make a snow sculpture?

You send a Club Penguin Drawing to the club penguin website and if is good enough then they will make it into a sculpture for you to stay in the Club Penguin City . The information should be in the daily newspapers on Club Penguin.

Can you make your penguin older on club penguin with out changing the date?

like every day you get older right? well same thing with your penguin

What do you do in the dance club on Club Penguin?

Make your penguin dance and see what you do.

Where to get a house on Club Penguin?

You get an igloo on club penguin as soon as you make your club penguin account. But to customize your igloo you have to be a member.

How do you make a penguin fatter on Club Penguin?

you cant

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