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all you have to do is find a key for the door then get thru the ninjas and one of the spies will be there

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Beat The Diving thing and talk to captin salty in big nate.

on spy island you put the chameleon suit on and go to the docks and get past the B.A.D guys and get to the door

At the Docks on Counterfeit Island.

Click on the door you came in through.

Play the colors on the door on your floot thing in the same order

You go through the docks first you must have the Chemeleon suit then use it to sneak past the BAD agents, then go to the roof top, after that get past the evil dogs and rescue the guy that gives you the laser pen.

there is no key just get the camoflage suit and go to the docks

the guy in the trench coat by the docks

first things first, get the chameleon suit from dr. spyglass, then use it to get inside building from top. you're only invisible when you don't move. get in, then go past dogs, and save agent, then the door will be unlocked.

The warehouse is on the docks. you Need to climb to the roof to get in.

it is floating in the air at the city docks

There is no secret entrance you have to get the invisible suit from Dr. Spyglass

all you have to do is go to spy island and go to docks

You follow the instructions on the bathroom door (hey, this is Poptropica we're talking about. Are you still even surprised at this sort of thing?)

This may refer to the First Spy, held captive at the docks on Spy Island. To free him, climb through the ceiling of the vault. (see related question)

You have to jump in the middle of them then push to a side. then go through the hole

You enter through the locked basement door (left). Chase the bat to the roof to grab the key from him.

you have to capture a spy first and the spy will give it to u (on the docks)