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How do you get to Cyrus in mt piller?

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first of all its a cypress and its mt. pyre so im not awnsering your ?

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At the end of Mt. Coronet!!!

You get Polkia by going to Spear Piller (on top of Mt. Cornet).

On the Top of Mt. Cornet/ Spear Piller

in team galactic hide out spear piller

go to mt. cornet and keep and going up (:

if you mean spear pillar its in mt coronet

You can get Palkia in Mt. Cornet (spiller piller) but, you have to beat cyrus and a few other galentic grunts.Use the link below for an easy 10-step process on how to catch Palkia! (This is entirely assuming that you have gotten far enough in the game to know what to do).go to spear piller and that is were you get palkia

mt .coronet .wayward cave .spear piller . turnbake cave

the top of mt.coronet is the spear piller and their is only one way there.

You don't. You have to wait until you have beat the first seven gyms and been to all the lakes afterwards. Then, you have to beat Cyrus and Saturn at the Galactic Veilstone building. After that, Cyrus should say something to the effect of "I'm going to where we first met." Go to Mt. Coronet and the writing will be gone.

dialga is in spear piller when you go through mt cornet. once you have captured dialga (blue thing that you see) walk back in the cave. when you come back to spear piller palkia will be there

You go to sphere piller and Cyrus,two bosses,and two galactic grunts will be there trying to keep you away

if your talkin about garintina then go to spear piller after team galactic goes ta mt cornet and youl battle some guys and then youl go to the distortan word and youl do some cool things and battle cyrus and youl face garintina

Top of Mt Coronet? It's all in what he's said.

its on the top of mt.cornet ------------------------------------------- yes it is on top of mt cornet search youtube to figure it out if you don't know for sure

There is spear pillar, at the top of MT. Coronet You will need 7 badges to get there and you especially need Rock climb

on the top of mt. cornet with cyrus.

you can get one from Cyrus when you first go to Mt. Coronet

you find Cyrus in celestic town. you find Cyrus in celestic town

Matthias Piller died in 1788.

Matthias Piller was born in 1733.

René Piller was born in 1965.

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