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Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on Earth, is located in Baffin Bay, Canada. The only way of reaching it is by boat, providing the channels leading to it are ice free. It's location is 75°08′N 087°51′W.

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Devon is a county in the South West of England.

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It is located in Baffin Bay, Canada at 75°08′N 087°51′W.

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Q: How do you get to Devon Island?
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What is the area of Devon Island?

The area of Devon Island is 55,247 square kilometers.

What is the latitude of Devon Island?

75°08′N 087°51′W is the latitude and longitude of Devon Island, Baffin Bay, Canada.

When was Devon Peter born?

Devon Peter was born on March 23, 1972, in Rhode Island, USA.

Where can you find bandit in Bin Weevils?

tycoon island Devon 7151

Which island in North America has a latitude of 75 degrees north and a longitude of 85 degrees west?

Devon Island

What island is at 78w and 27n?

Baffin, Banks, Cuba, Ellesmere,Grand Bahama,Greenland, Hispaniola,Jamaica,Newfoundland, Prince of Wales, Peurto Rico, Vancouver, Victoria, Southampton.

Is Indian Island Devon England a real place in the world?

Yes it is in England and it was explored by french explorers

What is the setting in the book and then there were none?

"And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie is set on an isolated island called Soldier Island, off the coast of Devon, England. The novel follows ten strangers who are invited to the island by an unknown host, only to find themselves trapped and slowly killed off one by one. The eerie and claustrophobic setting of the island adds to the suspense and tension of the story.

Where did Lawrence Wargrave live?

Lawrence Wargrave lived on Soldier Island, off the coast of Devon in the United Kingdom.

What does the name Lundy mean?

Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, 12 miles off the coast of Devon. Strangely though, it is a Scottish baby name and the meaning is From the Island Grove

What nicknames does Devon Lachapelle go by?

Devon Lachapelle goes by Devon.

Which county in great Britain has 2 coasts?

As Britain is an island there is only one coast which goes all the way round.