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Drive South on the 101 from Halifax to Digby. Get on the Ferry to New Brunswick (check out the princess of Acadia website for schedule) and drive south to the main border.

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What is the distance from Sydney Nova Scotia to North Sydney Nova Scotia?

North Sydney Nova Scotia is 14.5 miles from Sydney, NS.

What is the distance from Montreal to north sydney Nova Scotia?

diving distance from montreal to sydney nova scotia

How do you say sydney Nova Scotia in french?

"Sydney, Nova Scotia" would be correct ("Nova Scotia" is Latin and therefore does not strictly require a translation), but most people would say "Sydney, Nouvelle Ecosse".

What is the driving distance between north sydney Nova scotia and calais?

The driving distance between North Sydney, Nova Scotia and Calais, Maine is about 460 miles, or 740 kilometers. The drive takes about 8 hours and 8 minutes.

Distance from Sydney Nova Scotia to Halifax Nova Scotia?

248 mles / 400km

What is the distance between North Sydney Nova Scotia to Montreal Quebec?

Distance between Montreal and North Sydney nova scotia

What is the distance in KM between Toronto Ontario to Sydney Nova Scotia?

Their is 1,990KM's between Toronto Ontario and Sydney Nova Scotia.

Flight travel time from Halifax Nova Scotia to sydney Nova Scotia?

About a half hour

What is the distance between Wagmatcook Nova Scotia and Sydney Mines Nova Scotia?

46 miles

How long a drive from the ferry in north sydney Nova Scotia to closest airportin Nova Scotia?

its about a half hour drive to sydney ns

Is Halifax Bigger Than Portland?

If you're talking about Halifax, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine then yes, it is. ...Halifax, Nova Scotia (City) = ~285,000Halifax, Nova Scotia (HRM / Metro) = ~410,000Portland, Maine (City) = ~63,000Portland, Maine (Metro) = ~240,000

Who was the first mayor of Sydney Nova Scotia?


Northeast of Maine?

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Can you take a ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland?

Yes you can but you have to take a plane from sydney Australia to nova scotia then take the ferry.

What is the driving distance between sydney Nova Scotia and louisburg Nova Scotia?

34.1 km for about 49 minutes by car

Does Nova Scotia border the us?

Nova Scotia does not have any land border with the United states, however southern Nova Scotia is just across the Bay of Fundy from eastern Maine

What is the road kilometer distance from Baddeck Nova Scotia to Sydney Nova Scotia?

The distance is roughly 77 kilometres

What is the air mileage distance from Sydney Nova Scotia to Sydney Australia?

The air distance from Sydney, Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, to Sydney, Australia, is 10,589 miles. That equals 17,039 kilometers or 9,201 nautical miles.

2 famous cities in Nova Scotia?

# Sydney. # Halifax.

How far is portland Maine from Nova Scotia?

550 miles

Port city for ferry to Newfoundland in eastern nova scotia?

Marine Atlantic runs ferries between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The ferry leaves from North Sydney on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia.

Where is Nova Scotia located in Canada?

Nova Scotia is located on the eastern shores of Canada. (Look at a map and we are above and to the right of Maine USA)

What is the popular port of call for cruise ships in Nova Scotia?

We have two, possibly more, ports of call for cruise ships in Nova Scotia. Halifax, Nova Scotia is our capital city. Sydney, Nova Scotia also receives many cruise ships throughout the season.

What is the second largest city in Nova Scotia?

Sydney, Cape Breton

Distance between toronto and sydney nova scotia?

1245 miles