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What is the distance in KM between Toronto Ontario to Sydney Nova Scotia?


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Their is 1,990KM's between Toronto Ontario and Sydney Nova Scotia.

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The air distance from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is 788 miles. That equals 1,268 kilometers or 684 nautical miles.

It is 1,699 kilometers according to Google Maps.

Air miles in Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Toronto, Ontario total 788. That is 1,268 kilometers. That is 684 nautical miles.

According to maps.Google, approximately 2170 km.

In Nova Scotia, they are one hour ahead from Ontario time.

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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 20 hours and 17 minutes.

The United Kingdom is 2,790 miles (4,490 kilometers) from Nova Scotia.

There are six time zones between Toronto and the United Kingdom, including Newfoundland with its half-hour time difference from Novia Scotia. But there is only a five hour time difference between Toronto and the UK.

The total driving distance from West Palm Beach, FL to Nova Scotia is 2,115 miles.

Distance between providence ri and halifax nova scotia1 194 kilometres (742 miles). travel time: 12 h 52 min.

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