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The hunting lodge expansion project that ate France (or at least its treasury) is, today, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. At $10 American for general admission and an additional $5-$10 American for one of the guided tours, France is well on its way to recouping that lost money, and then some. The general admission fee is included in the Paris Museum Pass. Still, there is just something about the allure of gold chandeliers and gilded wall coverings that will make even the most hard nosed individuals start to drool. You can reach Versailles on the Metro or, if you prefer a more comprehensive experience, there are several bus tours that make the trip daily from Paris. If you

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Q: How do you get to Versailles from Paris?
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How far is Versailles from Paris in km?

Versailles is 21 km away from the center of Paris.

Is Versailles part of Paris?

Versailles is a suburb of the city .

How far is it in miles from Paris to Versailles?

The Versailles palace is located just 25 miles southwest of Paris

Can Versailles be seen in Paris today?

The palace of Versailles is not located in Paris, but can be toured at it's location outside of the city.

Where is the palace of Versailles?

its in a small village out side of ParisIn Versailles, France, About 12 miles west of Paris.

When was Porte de Versailles - Paris Mรฉtro - created?

Porte de Versailles - Paris Métro - was created in 1910.

Is Versailles or Napoleon's house closer to Paris?

Napoleon's often lived in Saint-Cloud, which is is rght next to Paris. Versailles is close to Paris but further away.

What kind of region is the Palace of Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles is a palace, not a region. It is on the western outskirts of Paris, and is easy to reach from Paris.

Where is Versailles located?

The city of Versailles is located near Paris, France.

Where is the Palais de Versailles located?

It is located in a suburb of Paris: Versailles.

Where is Versailles gardens?

Versailles Palace, and its gardens are to the South of Paris in France.

What and where is Versailles?

What is versailles? Versailles is a is a palace built in France by King Louis XIV (14) in the 17th century. Where is versailles? Versailles is in France, it is a suburb of Paris.

What year was the Treaty of Versailles signed in Paris formerly ending World War 1?

The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in Paris, France at the Palace of Versailles.

Where was the Treaty of Versailles sighned?

It was signed in versailles palace located near paris

What was the Promise of the March of Versailles?

The king promised to move the court from Versailles to Paris.

Where is the Versailles located?

Paris, France.

Where was the Treaty of Versailles published?


Major attractions in France?

Le Louvre, Paris Eiffel Tower, Paris Palace of Versailles, Versailles Cannes Film Festival Skiing in Chamonix Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

How far is Versailles from Disney Paris?

About 35 miles, and the other side of Paris

How do you get from London to Versailles?

The best way to get from London to Versailles is by the Channel Tunnel. After reaching Paris on the train, there are 14 trains that go to Versailles.

Where was Versailles situated?

Western suburbs of Paris.

Which city is the palace of Versailles nearest?


Does the RER from Paris to Versailles travel above ground?

There is and underground section in Paris, but the route of the RER to Versailles is nearly all above ground as regular trains.

Was Marie Antionette beheaded at Versailles?

No, in Paris. She was brought from Versailles two years before her trial.

What is the distance between Versailles and Paris?

== == 10 miles (16 km) west of Paris.