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How do you get to a live Pokemon event?

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Live Pokemon EventsThis is simple. All you need to do is drive to the Pokemon Center in New York City. Or, you can drive to a special Nintendo event that may be held in your area, such as Pokemon Rocks America.
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How to get the arora ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

Search "Live Even" on google and pick the top choice to find when and where the next live event will be so you can go there and download it. Search "Live Event" on google to see when and where to go to download it. ddd Search "Pokemon Live Events" and pick the first option to see when and where the next event will be.

Is there a Pokemon event in Indonesia?

There no pokemon event

How do you get membership pass?

Through a live event. They have a Darkrai event where they will give you the Pokemon or the membership pass. or you can use action replay

How do you get membership pass on Pokemon?

there are 2 ways event 2.using action replay code event 2.actionreplay code

What is a special or a Nintendo event for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and when and where is the next one in the UK please answer?

a special event is an event that gives u a special Pokemon eg:jirachi,deoxys,darkrai and many others and i don't know when the or where the next event in the u.k is cause i live in Australia!!

How do you catch geneosect in Pokemon White?

This is an event. Nintendo has not released an event for America, assuming that's where you live. They have, however, released one for Japan.

How can you get an event Pokemon?

go to an event

Can you more than one Pokemon in a Pokemon event in Pokemon Platinum?

as long as the event is still going on, there is a way. it involves getting the same "event gift" in Pokemon diamond/pearl and trading to Pokemon platinum.

How do you get the mystery ticket and Aurora ticket?

You will have to go to a live Nintendo Pokemon event or have an action replay or sumtin. idk i don't like Pokemon anymore

Pokemon fire red getting Ho-oh?

You must attend a Pokemon live event but they no longer have them you can catch one in Colesseum though

What is Pokemon event?

A Pokemon event is an event that you go to to get a special item or Pokemon......they do not have gameboy events anymore....they now have Nintendo ds events or "Nintendo events"

How do you get the event Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

there is a Nintendo event maybe at gamestop and go to it with Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and there you will get celibi

What is a PoKeMoN convention?

A Pokemon convention is a Live Exent. At the conventions there are devices for gitting you Pokemon that could never have been found without. This Event is how you get the Arrora Ticket. A ticket that alows you to find the space Pokemon.

How do you get event Pokemon after the event?

action replay

How do you find arcaeus in Pokemon Diamond?

Arceus is a event Pokemon so get it from a event thing.

Where do you get deoxes on Pokemon Platinum?

deoxys is an event pokemon. that event passed forever ago

Were to get meloda on Pokemon Black and White?

meloda is an event pokemon, the date of the event is unknown

Where is Celebi in Pokemon Gold heart?

It is and event pokemon, meaning u can only get it via event. The event is no longer going on.

Can you catch the event Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Unless you cheat, or trade you cannot get the event Pokemon as they expired ages ago.

What event is after the Manaphy event on Pokemon explorers of sky?

the darkri event

Pokemon Diamond how to get Darkrai?

Pokemon event.

How do you get an event Pokemon?

all Pokemon can be event Pokemon it all depends on what moves you teach it and how you treat and make your Pokemon look and the different caps you give it

Can you trade an Event Pokemon over the GTS if it has an Event Ribbon?

No, but wireless and Wi-Fi trading are allowed for event Pokemon with ribbons.

Where and when is the next Pokemon event for Pokemon Diamond in July 2009?

arceus or shiny pichu event

Where do you catch genesect in Pokemon Black and White?

It is an event pokemon, the event for which has not been run yet.