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Go to route 214 and go down the right. Then you will go to a cave were you get GIRATINA

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Q: How do you get to girtina in diamond?
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What do you do after you beat the team galatic boss?

go to mt cornet and battle dialga or palkia or girtina depends if you have diamond pear or platinum

Can you catch an origin girtina in Pokemon diamond?

no but if u want a giratina go to spring path and in the cave is a giratina lv. 70

Is it worth getting Pokemon Platinum when you already have Diamond or should you wait for Gold and Silver?

You should wait for Gold and Silver to come out Platinum is about the same except for Girtina and you get both Dialgia and Palkia.

How do get to rotue 224 in Pokemon platinum?

catch girtina

How do you catch girtina in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, there is no possible way to catch a Giritina. You can, however, either catch one in Pokemon Platinum or trade with someone who does have one. In Pokemon Pearl, you catch Palkia at Spear Pillar. In Pokemon Diamond, you catch Dialga at Spear Pillar.

Where is girtina in Pokemon Diamond?

On Pokemon Diamond, Giratina is located in Turnback Cave (near Veilstone City). After a series of cave doors you will see Giratina. SAVE before versing it. Lvl. 70 Very Strong. Use Ultra, Timer Balls to capture.

How do you get to sunnyshore in Pokemon platinum?

You need to battle Girtina in the Reverse \World then you will be able to go to Sunnyshore

Who would win in a fight girtina or arcues?

giratina he would beat the.......... out of arcues

Do they give you the Giratina orgin forme when you reserved Pokemon platinum?

They give you a model of giratina,but no they don't make you get girtina in the Game.

Were do you take arceus to unlock plakia diagla and girtina in Pokemon soulsilver?

there is a house where alpha ruin are, make sure acrecus is in first and go into that house

If you defeat girtina can you catch it again?

Unfortunately you can't. Sorry! In the future, save before approaching a legendary. That way if you defeat it, you can turn off the game and try again.

How do you catch a Dialga?

Well I caught my dialga with a timer ball so I still had a master ball left to catch girtina so use a quick ball dusk ball or timer ball

On Pokemon platinum how do you find a girtina?

While playing through the story you will end up in the distortion world with Cynthia. in the distortion world you will have to battle Cyrus after beating him Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. then you will be able to find giritina, in the distortion world.

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How do you catch arceus in Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

You can get Arcues at Toys R Us or via mystery gift Nov.5-18! Special Information: Pokeball:Cherish BallHeld Item: Rowap BerryMoves it knows:Judgment,Roar of Time,Spacial Rend,and Shadow Force!More Special info: Arcues can be caught in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver!When you trade Arcues over Pokemon Pearl,Diamond,or Platinum, u can catch Palkia,Dialga,or Girtina! It's you choice!*Go to for more info.Copyright of Nintendo and Pokemom! Go to Roblox!

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