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Get a Pokemon to use HM cut ont it.

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Q: How do you get to the dotted hole?
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What Pokemon is in dotted hole?

there are no Pokemon in the dotted hole all there is are the sapphire

Is there a hole in the middle of dotted hole?


How can you get inside dotted hole?

To enter dotted hole, use cut at the door to get inside it.

How do you open the dotted hole?

the dotted hole is opened by using cut when you stand in front of the door

Where do you get the second password for the dotted hole?

......... eww a dotted hole that's kinda gross you PERVERT

The dotted hole in LeafGreen?

On six island in the south you can find a cave called dotted hole.

How do you get in in the dotted hole?

You need to use CUT on the dotted door

Where is the dotted hole in FireRed?

the dotted hole is on six island at the en do of the island. you have to use cut on the door and you are in

Where on island four do you get the Sapphire on Pokemon FireRed?

you get the Sapphire in dotted hole (you use cut to get into dotted hole)

How do you get the guy in front of dotted hole out of the way?

What dotted hole are you talking about if you tell us I may be able to help.

Why cant you get into the dotted hole?

You need to use cut to open itThe dotted hole is on 6 island and you need to you cut to get into it......

How do you open the door at dotted hole in Pokemon leaf green?

To open the dotted hole you need to use the hm cut

What is the pattern for the dotted hole in FireRed?

If you mean which ways to go in dotted hole then go up then left, right and down.

How do you get the guy out of the way of the dotted hole?

To be able to get into the Dotted Hole, you first need to go to four island and defeat the rockets past the waterfall in the cave. Once that is done then you can enter dotted hole. Make sure to have CUT!

How do you get inside dotted hole on pokemon leaf green?

to get inside dotted hole you need to go up to the door and use cut

What are the directions in the dotted to the sapphire?

then go to the left hole then to the rigth hole then the downer hole .

The scientist in front of the Dotted Hole in Leaf Green says that he found the Dotted Hole but can't get in and not to be so envious how do you get him out of the doorway.?

White power

How do you get through the dotted hole?

Use cut on it.

Which island is the dotted hole on?

Six Island.

How do get inside the dotted hole?

use cut

How can you get into dotted hole?

Use cut on the door.

How in the door of the dotted hole?

Use cut

Where is the dotted hole on Pokemon?

The Dotted Hole is an area exclusive to Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It can be found in Ruin Valley on Fortune Island in the Sevii Islands.

How do you open the Dotted Hole in Pokemon FireRed?

To open the dotted hole, use Cut at the entrance and the door should open. he is so right it does open

What island is the braille cave in FireRed?

dotted hole is on the south side of six island. (the sapphire is in there) a little extra info: dotted hole does have braille in it.