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How do you get to the mirror room Mario 64?


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October 20, 2011 6:42PM

To get in the mirror in superMario 64 is impossible. Unless you use a glitch. To get in the mirror you have to go to the stairs that lead to the fifty star door, Stair glitch on the top right corner diagonal to the right). When your on top of the staircase start walking. when you walk Mario should be standing like there's a invisible wall. then Mario should teleport to right of the door that leads to the mirror room. Then he should teleport in the mirror room. Then he should teleport behind the mirror.

If you want to get just walk out of the mirror


I disagree with the above answer. I got into the Mirror Room by beating Bowser In The Fire World. It is in the level where Bowser's Sub is BUT do not run through the "blue circles" just in front of them is a square, grey brick box - jump down there instead. Pick your way carefully through the course and aim to keep going up. At the top you'll find a big star shaped hole to jump down. That will take you to Bowser. I found Luigi was best for this level - but others may disagree. Defeat Bowser by swinging him round by his tail and aim to throw him into one of the spikey bombs. It only took one attempt and he gave up the key to the spiral staircase and then the Mirror Room up there. I beat Chief Chilly in there with Luigi too.