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How do you get totidile?

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u pick at the b gining of the game

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How do you get totidile in Pokemon Emerald?

fill hoenn dex and pr. elm gives you either totidile, cyndaquil, or chikarita

What are the stater Pokemon for HeartGold?

Cyndiquil, Chikorita, and Totidile.

What are the starter Pokemon on HeartGold and soulsilover?

Totidile, Chickorita, & Cyndaquil.

Where can you see a totidile in soul silver?

you cant its a starter Pokemon

What are the three starter Pokemon in soul silver?

Cyndaquil totidile and chorkira

What is the the action replay code to get a totidile?

you need to migrate it off of Pokemon Ruby or Saphirre

Can you get totidile in Pokemon Black and white?

No, you'll need to trade for it or transfer it from the older Pokemon DS games.

Where do you find totidile in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Either trade from other game or trade one of its evoulutions from Colosseum, then breed.

Where can you get totidile in emrelad?

Complete your dex. Prof birch wil cal u n u can choose from one of the johto starters

What level does totidile evolve at in soul silver?

im pretty shure its at lvl 18. i would know because i played the rom.

Which Pokemon can you breed in HeartGold?

if they are the same type such as piplup and totidile. because there both water. or if they're the same pokemon. they just have to be male and female.

Where do you get totidile in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to finish the hoenn dex another way is to trade the purified croconaw from Pokemon colosseum then just get an egg hatch it and you have totodile.

All starter Pokemon in all generations in order?

bulbasaur charmander squirtle chikorita cyndaquil totidile treeko torchic mudkip turtwig chimchar piplup

How do you get fragigator in Pokemon Pearl?

You need to get Totidile in Emerald, and migrate it to Pearl, then level it up to level 36. You need to beat both Pokemon leagues first to do this.

What level does totidile evolve?

It depends on what you want him to evolve into! He evolves into CROCONAW at level 18. CROCONAW evolves into FERALIGATR at level 30 and then he wont evolve anymore!

Where can you see a totidile in Pokemon SoulSilver?

my brother has soul silver and i have heart gold but u cant find totodile unless u finsh the game (i think.....)

Anyone have a chicorita totidile or cyndaquil they would trade on diamond?

no, but a website called may show u where to find one, or a special event that will tell u when to get it! :)

What are the starter Pokemon for the new Pokemon game after HeartGold and SoulSilver?

There are 3 beginning 3 more end first 3 are Cindquail , Totidile , Chikorta next 3 are squirtle , charamander , bulbasaur.

What are the Moves Totodile learns in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Do me a favor and teach ur totidile these moves: surf, waterfall,icefang and whirlpool these moves will get you to the final guy the world champ red at the top of mount silver

What is the best starter Pokemon for heartgold?

It is up to you. For the game cyndaquil is the easiest because for the first gyms there are no type disadvantages, which is really when you need it. Against the others, totidile is the best because it learns ice moves so it can take down chickorita too. They are all great, but u shouldn't pick chickorita unless u have a lot of experience with pokemon. If it's your first game, the go for cindaquil, second or third I'd suggest totidile and if you think you're good at this then chickorita :) But it's your choice

On Pokemon soul silver what level does tododile evolve at?

Totidile evolves at the exact same level as it does in heart gold. Level 16, And Evolves Into The Water Type Pokemon, Crawknaw. Then later evolves into Feraligatr At Level 36.

What is the best starter Pokemon in SoulSilver?

the best starter Pokemon is totidile I think it really doesnt matter because even though totidile gets watergun early the fire type gets flame wheel and ember plus its flamerthrower is stronger and the bayleef's razor leaf is really strong too so really it doesnt matter what Pokemon you have to choose your still powerful i usually take fire types but in soulsilver i think i might try the water and see if i like it if not I'll use the fire type..... but yes that's pretty much it

What if you push the red button and it doesn't work on your wii remote?

You have to push wii remote button FIRST Then go to wii and below the reset button is a thing that opens. open it and you will see red button. press red button. Hope i helped! Answer from totidile

What Pokemon should you use in Pokemon HeartGold?

if you mean for a starter than maybe totidile or cyndaquil i used action replay but i still hope this helps: 1.darkrai 2.doexsys 3.mewtwo. 4.arceas 5.ho-oh 6.rayquazza

What to do when your action replay say unknown game?

You keep on trying to put the game in and if that doesn't work you need to get a new game unfortunately actully, just add the game to the codelist and when it says to enter game code, enter the code unless it is already put in. :D. improvement frome totidile.