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To open the channel you must buy something from Karen's telephone store for 10 days.

This will also rescue a Sprite.

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How do you get the kitchen on harvest moon ds?

Get tv shopping channel, then upgrade your house.

Where do you get a oven on harvest moon ds?

To get an oven you have to order it on the tv shopping channel.

How do you buy a DVD player in Harvest Moon?

you can buy it on the tv shopping channel or go to the tv shopping option on the phone in the players house, it should be located next to the record player (the phone) on harvest moon ds, sorry, i dont about the rest of the harvest moon ds games.

How do you unlock TV shopping in Harvest Moon DS?

Purchase an item from Karen's store for a total of 10 days.

Harvest moon DS cute where to cook?

You must first unlock the TV shopping channel, then upgrade your house. You can buy the kitchen from TV shopping channel after you upgrade your house.

What is the channel 2 sprite station on harvest moon ds?

it a channel that you can know what tv shopping selling then you can buy it by calling them

How do you get the frying pan in harvest moon ds?

first you need to get the tv shopping channel on the sprite station. then buy the kitchen. and then buy the frying pan. the tv shopping channel is on channel 2.

What is the last TV Shopping item in Harvest Moon DS not ds cute?

The Big Bed Is the last item. Also a requirement to get married. It cost 10,000 G.

How do you get the double bed on harvest moon?

For DS & DS Cute, you must upgrade your house for the second time. And after that upgrade, you will be able to buy the Big Bed through TV Shopping.

How do you get the tv shopping sprite channel in harvest moon ds cute?

you have to buy the same item from karens supermarket for ten days straight. hope this helped!!

How do you get the TV shopping on harvest moon ds?

To get the TV shopping channel, you must buy an item from Karen's Supermarket every day for ten days. After you do, he will be rescued (and the rescuing scene will be played). You can order the products he advertises over the phone.

Where is the Toolbox in harvest moon?

Harvest Moon Magical Melody: it's in your house when you start the game. Harvest Moon DS: you can buy it from the TV shopping channel channel 2, but to get channel 2 you have to shop for 10 days at the supermarket (you don't have to shop 10 days in a row, just 10 days). Harvest Moon GameBoy: you have all of your tools in a shed.

How can you get the shopping channal in harvest moon ds?

Every day for 10 days you need to buy atleast one item from the Supermarket by using your phone. Then a TV sprite should appear and you will get the Shopping Channel.

How do you make your house bigger with a kitchen in harvest moon ds?

1.house biggerFirst your harvest moon must be aged 4ththen you call gotz to upgrade a house2.Kichenfirst your harvest moon must be aged 4ththen you call tv shoppingyou has buy kichen at a price 4000G

Harvest moon how to get tv shopping?

you need to buy at least 1 thing a day from the supermarket where Karen works for 10 days then you have TV shopping

How do you get the kitchen on Harvest Moon?

FIRST you have to upgrade you house.To get upgrade house, you must have TV shopping To get TV shopping,you must buy at least 1 item for 10 days. then you will get TV shopping

How do you get an oven harvest moon ds lite?

if you have the kitchen watch tv sopping ( channel two on the sprite stations) (NOT ON YOUR TV! ON YOUR TOUCH SCREEN ICON) day after day and it will eventually come. when it does call tv shopping. to get the kitchen you must have upgraded your house to the biggest size. need more help? go to www.fogu.com/hm --------------harvest moon helper oscar71298

How do you get tv shopping open in harvest moon ds?

Use the phone in your house to call Karen's Supermarket. Order at least one item from her store on ten different days. On the tenth day you will unlock the Sprite that runs the shopping network.

How do you access the TV shopping channel in Harvest Moon FoMT?

Go to your and press left on a saturday(in game)

How can does tv shopping work in harvest moon boy and girl?

You can't shop from the tv it just shows you choices of things you can buy

How do you get channel 2 on harvest moon ds?

When you unlock the TV Shopping Channel 2, watch it every day. Eventually you will see the Table for sale. The little round table will only cost you 500 G. Call the TV Shopping operators using your telephone and order the Table.

Is there a game for Nintendo DS called Harvest Moon?

Yes , i think there is because i saw it advertised on the tv.

How do you get TV shopping network in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

every saturday,turn on your tv and open the left channel.hope i helped!

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