How do you get two misdemeanor convictions from 1998 removed from your criminal record so no one will know about them?

Criminal convictions whether misdemeanors or felonies are a permanent part of the convicted person's criminal record and are not subject to expungement. If the person was a juvenile at the time and was not tried and sentenced as an adult then his or her records will be sealed or expunged (depending on the state and the offense) when said person reaches the age of majority for the state in which the violation took place. Some states do have a process whereby some misdemeanor convictions can be deleted from the viewing record for specific reasons, such as employment issues. That must be done through the court where the person was tried and found guilty or entered a guilty plea and was sentenced. As stated above: Each state has a different system. In Texas YOU CAN! get your criminal record sealed or expunged. I did it and want others to know it's possible without paying an attorney $1,000. You can do it by filing a petition and order with the court. You still need some help following the court procedure. But you can do that simply by using a service to help, search on-line as there are a few of them.