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Criminal convictions whether misdemeanors or felonies are a permanent part of the convicted person's criminal record and are not subject to expungement. If the person was a juvenile at the time and was not tried and sentenced as an adult then his or her records will be sealed or expunged (depending on the state and the offense) when said person reaches the age of majority for the state in which the violation took place. Some states do have a process whereby some misdemeanor convictions can be deleted from the viewing record for specific reasons, such as employment issues. That must be done through the court where the person was tried and found guilty or entered a guilty plea and was sentenced. As stated above: Each state has a different system. In Texas YOU CAN! get your criminal record sealed or expunged. I did it and want others to know it's possible without paying an attorney $1,000. You can do it by filing a petition and order with the court. You still need some help following the court procedure. But you can do that simply by using a service to help, search on-line as there are a few of them.

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How long does a misdemeanor stay on a record in minnesota?

Criminal convictions stay on your record forever unless they are removed. You have to petition the court to have the misdemeanor expunged.

What convictions count as a criminal record?

Any conviction of a misdemeanor or felony after your 18th birthday will result in an entry on your criminal history record.In the UK, all convictions will count as part of your criminal record, regardless of your age at the time of conviction.

How long does a first class misdemeanor stay on your record in the state of Florida?

Regardless of the severity of the crime, any criminal conviction will stay on your record until it is removed. Unlike traffic tickets, criminal convictions don't 'fall off.'

How long will a misdemeanor possession of marijuana stay on an individual's record in Colorado?

All convictions are a permanent part of the person's criminal record.

How long do convictions stay on your criminal record?

Criminal convictions remain a permanent part of an individual's criminal record/history. In some US states certain misdemeanors can be removed from the public record if they are causing a problem for the person becoming gainfully employed.

How long does it take for misdemeanor to not come up when a job looks it up?

Criminal convictions remain on your criminal record forever, unless you are able to have them expunged.

How long does a class 2 misdemeanor stay on your record in South Dakota?

All criminal convictions stay on your record for life, regardless of which state you're in.

How long does a mistermeaner stay on your record?

Both misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses remain on your criminal record permanently, unless they are removed, such as by expungement.

Is a minor misdemeanor in criminal record?

ALL crimes of which you were convicted are in your criminal record, Felony AND Misdemeanor.

How long does a class c misdemeanor stay on your record in FL?

All criminal convictions, felony and misdemeanor, stay on your record until you die. After a certain amount of time they no longer effect your insurance etc (if they were moving violations).

What is another phrase for Clean Criminal record?

No criminal record. No criminal convictions. Clean as an angel's wing.

What does the term expunging mean in regards to a criminal record?

It means that if you qualify in your state, you may have a charge (either misdemeanor or felony) removed from your publicly viewable criminal history record.

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your record in Connecticut?

When it relates to an adult criminal convictions including misdemeanors remain a permanent part of an individual's record. It is possible in some cases to have a misdemeanor removed for purposes of the convicted person becoming gainfully employed. This does not mean that the entry is permanently erased, only that its accessiblility is limited. The removal of the entry would depend upon the severity of the crime, the time that has expired since the commission, whether or not the convicted person has other criminal convictions and/or a history of problems with authorities.

How long to mistaminers stay on you record?

Unless a person goes to go court and tries to have the misdemeanor removed it stays on a person's criminal record forever. If a person is able to have a misdemeanor expunged then it will no longer appear on their record.

Can you have a misdemeanor on your record as a pharmacy tech?

No you must have no criminal record

How long does a petty theft stay on your record?

If the person is an adult a misdemeanor conviction can be a permanent part of his or her criminal record. In most US states it is usually possible to have a low class misdemeanor conviction removed from a record for employment issues.

How can you clear your criminal felony record in Tennessee?

Can you help clear record with no convictions?

Can a Misdemeanor embezzlement charge reduced or removed from a persons record?

You can look into the expungement procedure for criminal offenses in your state to see if you quailify.

How do you clear a misdemeanor marijuana off your record?

Look into your state laws on the expungement of criminal records. If you qualify, you can apply to have the conviction removed.

How long does a misdemeanor of possession of marijuana stay on your record?

A misdemeanor conviction is a criminal conviction. Criminal records are forever, unless you are able to expunge or seal the record.

How long does misdemeanor stay on your record if it can not be expunged?

A criminal record is PERMANENT.

How should you state on a job application that you were convicted of a misdemeanor?

Not unless it specifically asks that. Most job applications that ask about criminal record usually only ask about felony convictions.

What is the statute of limitation for drug felony convictions in the state of California?

If you are referring to your criminal record, unless the convictions occurred prior to your 18th birthday they are permanent part of your criminal history record.

Can you get a misdemeanor criminal record?

ALL crimes of which you were convicted are in your permanent criminal record, Both felonies and misdemeanors.

You live in Michigan and you were wondering if you can get two misdemeanor convictions expunged from your criminal record that are over thirty years old and what do you need to do?

Call the criminal court where you were convicted and ask the clerk's office.Added: See the below website:

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