How do you get umbreon and espeon?

to get umbreon/espeon in Pokemon DAIMOND,PEARL, OR PLATINUM,you must have an ccan get an eevee from either migrating one from a GBA game, or by getting the national dex, and going to bebe's house in HEARTHOME city.You first must make your eevee happy.You can do this by giving it medicine,like hp ups,pp ups,proteins,carbos etc.,battling with it.(if it faints it will get less happy,so don't let iit faint),giving it a message by going to this girls house in VEILSTONE city at the bottom left corner, or simply just walking with make this easier,there is an app that has your Pokemon moving an bouncing off the walls.I'm sorry I don't know where to get it or what it's called,but if you have it,take your stylus and place it on your Pokemon, and it will show if it is happy or not,with hearts.After your eevee is happy,if you want an umbreon, level it up at night,if you want espeon, level it up in the day....


You get the Friendship App for the Poketch from a woman in the Pokemon Center (the place where you take your Pokemon to be completely healed) in Eterna City.

All of these are the evolutions that you can get from Eevee-there are seven in total, so you can't carry all of them at once. If you have all of them, you will have to put at least one in storage or at the day care center in Solaceon Town. Here are the evolutions that you can get with Eevee and how to get them:

Umbreon (DARK) Level up in the night

Espeon (PSYCHIC) Level up in the day

Flareon (FIRE) Use a Fire Stone on your Eevee

Vaporeon (WATER) Use a Water Stone on your Eevee

Jolteon (ELECTRIC) Use a Thunder Stone on your Eevee

Glaceon (ICE) Level up near the Ice Rock in Route 217

Leafeon (GRASS) Level up near the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest.

All of the Eeveelutions (that's what they are called) are really gorgeous!

Hope this helps! :D