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There are a couple of options. 1. Get a GameShark. 2. Get a Chicago Typewriter (Seperate Ways needs to be beated.) 3.P.R.L 412. 4. Typewriter is unlimited Machine Gun ( 10 damage .10 of a second to fire, same time as the TMP.) The PRL kills an enemy with a charged blast. Get it by beating Pro mode

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Q: How do you get unlimited ammo for Resident Evil 4?
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How do you get unlimited ammo in Resident Evil 4?

cheat codes

Resident Evil 4 cheats a unlimited ammo?

Only the Chicago typewriter has unlimited ammo and the HBTL Cannon as well as the infinite rocket launcher. No other weapons have unlimited ammo on anything.

How many unlimited ammo guns are Resident Evil 4?

two rocket lancher and Chicago typewriter

Is there a resident evil 4 unlimited life cheat?

no there is not a resident evil 4 unlimited life cheat

In resident evil 4 can you get unlimited ammo by beating the game in pro mode with handgun and knife only?


What is the cheat code for unlimited ammo for resident evil 4 in gameshark?

Cheaters never win xbox or ps3 @$$DTbrown1$$

How do you get unlimited ammo health and all guns in resident evil 4?

There is no unlimited health, but you can buy guns with unlimited ammo. You must buy them from the merchant. This can be done after you fully upgrade the weapons, and beat the game on all difficulty levels and beat all 4 mercenaries games.

Resident Evil 4- unlimited money for ps2?


Is there a Resident Evil 4 infinite ammo cheat?

there truly are no "cheats" in resident evil 4 or 5, you simply unlock them the same way you unlock infinite ammo in resident evil 5, beat the game, fully upgrade the gun, then buy the infinite ammo in bonus features

How to get the Unlimited handgun in resident evil 4 Wii?

the only handgun with unlimited ammo is the hand cannon, you get from beating mercenaries with five stars with every character on every level, then you upgrade it.

What is the cheat code for unlimited ammo on resident evil 4?

Here's my answer to you. DON'T CHEAT! It's not worth it at all especially with Resident Evil 4. It's one of the easiest games to follow through. If you get stuck, just use the map. It will show you where your destination is.

Is there a way to get unlimited money for resident evil 4?

gameshark or hack

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