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You can connect the output of your DVR in a DVD recorder, such as the Samsung DVD-VR375. This will record your DVR programs directly to DVD.

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Q: How do you get video off your DVR and onto a DVD?
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How would I get movies off my DVR onto my computer?

You will need to pruchase an cable that connects your DVR to your computer. Most likely it is an USB cable.

How could you get a show off the computer on to the tv?

theres many ways to get a video off of a computer onto your tv. Some of the ways are: if the computer/laptop has a hdmi port, along with the tv you could play the video from your laptop onto your tv screen you can copy the video onto an empty disc and then you could watch that with your dvd player

What kind of electronics does a DVR class as?

A DVR, otherwise known as a digital video recorder comes under the category of a consumer electronics device. It records video digitally off the television.

What is a ripper?

A DVD Ripper is used for DVD ripping which is the process of copying the audio and video information off a DVD and onto a hard drive. DVD Ripper usually only can rip DVD and can't rip Blu-ray while a Blu-ray Ripper can rip both DVD and Blu-ray.

Will you erase everything off your digital video recorder - DVR - if you unplug it?

No... Your DVR uses hard drive technology that saves data to a disk that retains its contents even if unpowered.

How do you hook up a DVD and a dvr to the tv?

Depends on were you are (which country) and make and model of TV. Try reading the instructions of the equipment, or downloading them off the makers website. If the TV has two SCART leads, Wire one unit to each SCART, that will take care of all input output signals. If you have to use RCA connectors, connect the output of the units to the inputs of the TV. You can also 'daisy chain' them. The output of the DVD to the input of the DVR, then the output of the DVR to the AV input of the TV. Then to watch the DVD, select the AV input on the DVR and set the TV to the AV input of the DVR.

What is a DVD recorder used for?

it is used to watch movies or dvds or even videos. A DVD 'RECORDER' is used for recording onto suitable discs, either re-recordable DVD-RW or DVD+RW. Record once discs are, DVD-R and DVD+R Most commercial recorders have a TV tuner built in, so you can record direct off Tv, they also have AV sockets so they can be hooked up to another machine and record off an old VHS VCR. Most modern computers have an optical disc drive that can also record onto DVD's, like video off the computer, they can also store data.

Who can help with parental control?

If you are in need of help with the parental control settings on your tv or dvd/dvr, you would be best off contacting your television provider.

How do make a DVD off of YouTube?

download a youtube downloader download the video and burn.

What is a good free DVD ripper?

A good DVD Ripper is used for DVD ripping which is the process of copying the audio and video information off a DVD and onto a hard drive. Here i wanna share this awesome DVD Ripper with all of u - SnowFox DVD Ripper which im using now. It canrip DVD to various popular video formats and playback on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, BlackBerry, GPhone, Mp4 player and other portable DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3GP and any other popular video format without quality lost.convert DVD by title, trim DVD to reserve the part you need.extract audio from DVD and convert DVD to MP3, DVD to AC3 and DVD to AAC format. Meanwhile.Hope it helpful for you.

Can I save videos off of my DVR onto a disc?

There's no way to save videos off a DVR on to a disc. However, if you have a computer and a Tuner/Digital Recorder card (separate purchase required,) it's possible to record the videos on to your computer and then save them to a disc. Of course, how successful you are depends on your DVR brand and model, so please consult further before making a purchase decision.

Does dvr record when the tv is off?

Yes, it can.

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