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Use a wet/dry vac then pull out the carpeting and let it air dry.

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Q: How do you get water out of a carpet?
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What is the difference between a carpet shampooer and a carpet steamer?

The carpet shampoorer uses water and it doesnt have to be heated. The carpet steamer uses heated water that in many cases may skill or retard the growth of bacteria.

What do carpet moss eat?


What do carpet snakes drink and what do they drink?


How do you get pee stain out of a carpet?

Soda water

How much water and vinegar do you mix together to get paint out of carpet?

For carpet cleanups, trymixing a cup of white vinegarand one quart of water!

Best carpet cleaning shampoo and machine?

Show me your carpet machine Hot water and extraction machine

How do you get an entire bottle of shampoo out of your carpet?

simple water and rag, it will disolve and even clean the carpet some

What is the easiest way to get marshmallow out of carpet?

Put water on the marshmallow and then use a good carpet cleaner you trust!

What can I do if I have a flood or water damage on my area carpet?

If the carpet is not dried out appropriately and completely, the cotton base may become fragile and rot as a result. Mold and microbes may also flourish in such a humid environment. It is best to have the carpet cleaning professionally.

How do you clean glow stick goo out of carpet?

You can get stain carpet remover and it comes out perfectly and if you don't have that try soap and water if that doesn't work then if your carpet is white you can use bleach but only if your carpet is white!!

How do you take rawhide out of carpet?

Hot water, white vinegar, a scrub brush, & elbow grease. Dip the brush in the water/vinegar. Scrub the carpet. You'll see the rawhide bits separate from the carpet. Allow it to dry. Vacuum.

How do you remove carpet glue from the top of carpet?

You can use a spot remover, but it might be better for the carpet, kids, and pets if you use a carpet steam cleaner that uses hot water. This will melt the glue and remove it easily.

Remove denim stain from carpet?

Stains from carpet cannot be easily removed with plain water. Stain remover/ carpet cleaner is necessary in order to completely remove it.

What are the things that should be in a cathouse?

food , water ,any favorite toys , a scratching post ,carpet (dont get a carpet scratching post because your cat will confuse it with your carpet)

How do you clean a water damaged car carpet?

Replace it

How do I make Carpet Grass?

lots of sun and water...

What does carpet moss eat in a deciduous forest?


Is there any way you can use your shark steam cleaner mop on carpet?

The Shark steamer just produces steam and there is no means for the steam or the water generated by the steam to be vaccumed out of the carpet. This would cause the dirty water to just sit in the carpet.

Is there any difference between a carpet extractor and a carpet spotter?

A carpet extractor puts water over the entire carpet and pulls it back out and in theory the dirt and stains with it. A spot cleaner is meant to clean small stains.

What are the techniques to clean carpet faster?

There are many techniques are available to clean your carpet like vinegar and with some water solution.

How do you get rid of the old bloody smell of chicken livers spelled on carpet?

You can get rid of old bloody chicken liver smell, spilled on your carpet, by scrubbing the carpet with hot soapy water. After the carpet has dried apply fabric softener.

How and When to Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

A popular technique used for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, which is also referred to as hot water extraction. It involves injecting a cleaning solution and hot, soft water into your carpet. This loosens then lifts the soil and dirt from the carpet devoid of the rasping brushing involved in other cleaning techniques. By using this method, the carpet dries faster because a high proportion of the moisture in the carpet is suctioned out so there is no foamy residue left. This makes sure that the carpet does not attract dirt and prevents it from getting soiled faster.

The water spilled on my viscose carpet and now it doesn't look the same as the rest of the carpet?

unfortunately, water damage to a viscose carpet is something that cannot be rectified. It changes the texture and it makes it slightly crispy to the touch. Viscose cannot be treated with water at any point and you should only get a specialist in to clean it.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning your carpet?

There are many benefits to steam cleaning your carpet. The steam from the water helps loosen any dirt and grime deep in your carpet. This ensures that you, or a company, can get your carpet as clean as possible. If you only use the water in the machine then it is very environmentally friendly as it uses no chemicals to clean. You can add some carpet cleaner though if you need some extra cleaning power. Steam cleaning your carpet can also kill germs and bacteria that are on your carpet, which is something a regular vacuum cannot do.

How do you get carpet burn repaired?

soak it in cold brr water