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first find your hot spot the go to the internet

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โˆ™ 2011-12-27 19:05:11
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Q: How do you get wireless internet to work on your Samsung Galaxy Ace?
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Does a Samsung Galaxy gear work without a Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

No, the Samsung Galaxy Gear requires to be connected to a Samsung Galaxy device (Note 3 in this case) to fully function.

Can ooVoo work on a Samsung Galaxy precedent?

No it can not. A Samsung galaxy precedent does not have a front facing camera

Does the Samsung Galaxy ace work abroad?

galaxy ace work abroad

Can the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit work with any phone?

No, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy line of devices.

How do you connect your Samsung Galaxy mini to the internet?

One can connect their Samsung Galaxy Mini to the internet by first pushing the power button. The from there select the data network option. If this does not work one might want to make sure they have the right APN settings.

Do you need a Galaxy phone for the Galaxy Gear?

Yes, currently the Samsung Galaxy Gear devices can only work on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Can wireless internet work without wifi?

No, because Wi-Fi is the wireless part of wireless internet.

Can the Samsung Galaxy Note work in Jamaica?

yes it deos work

How does wireless internet on PS3 slim work?

You have to have wireless internet and then the PS3 has the ability to connect to it.

Will the Samsung gear work without having a Samsung smartphone?

No, the Samsung Gear devices only work on the Samsung Galaxy line of phones (Galaxy S III and above), and rely on being connected to that phone for notifications and the like.

Will Verizon wireless work on straight talk Samsung Galaxy precedent android prepaid smartphone?

From what I'm told, straight talk will be switching from Sprint to Verizon on this phone.

Will the Samsung Wireless extender from Verizon Wireless work with Straight Talk phones that use the Verizon Network?


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