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How do you get wood stain out of clothing?

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Mineral spirits worked wonderfully to remove oil-based wood stain from a 100% polyester futbol jersey (Barcelona). It also had water-based paint on it. I chose to use the mineral spirits first to treat the wood stain by simply pouring a little on each spot and let it sit or apply more until it faded. I then washed in cold with regular laundry detergent. I then went to work on the paint by scrubbing with an abrasive soap bar I have (called hog wash) that is for scrubbing stains. Using that and warm-hot water, the paint came out too. One more wash as normal and you can't tell it was ever stained!!!

2014-08-25 01:34:15
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Can you stain balua wood?

You can stain balsa wood.

What does a wood stain do to the wood underneath?

Wood stain is abosorbed into the wood, so the wood takes on the color of the stain. This is why the features of the wood are still visible, unlike with paint.

Does root beer stain clothing?

It can because soda can stain clothing.

What is wood stain used for?

Wood stain is for sealing and emphasising the natural colour of wood

How do you wash wood stain out of hair?

removel of wood stain in hair

What are the most stain resistent kids' clothing? offers stain resistant clothing.

Can you apply wood stain with a sponge?

Yes, you can apply wood stain with a sponge.

Which type of wood is the easiest to re-stain?

Rough wood I am told.

What does Stain do on wood?

Stain soaks into wood and changes the colour, or if clear stain, brings out the wood's natural colour..

How do you stain wood railings?

I stain them with a rag.

Did Julie Kavner do a commercial for ZAR Wood Stain?

Julie Kavner did a TV commercial for ZAR Wood Stain.

Can you stain wood if the wood is wet?

that's when its best to stain it, because it makes the stain soak in more and makes it last longer The type of stain you are using will determine what the moisture content of the wood needs to be. Some wood deck stains such as Ready Seal require the wood to be very dry.

How do you remove antifreeze from clothing?

To remove antifreeze from clothing spray the stain with a pre-wash product. Let it set on the stain for several minutes. Pour water over the stain to try to push the stain out. Blot at the stain with a cloth. Do not rub the stain in. Wash the clothing in the washing machine with color safe bleach and laundry detergent.

How do you remove salt stain from clothes?

how do you get snow salt stain out of clothing?

Should you caulk or stain wood first?

Stain first, the caulk will not colour the same as the wood when you stain them. Then find a caulking that comes close in colour.

What dinning room table wood is the most stain resistant?

Pine is the hardest wood to stain becuase it absorbs the stain to erratically.

Can you stain a deck on top of oil paint?

No. In order for the stain to what it is supposed to do [color the wood], it must reach the wood surface. Oil paint coats the wood surface and prevents the stain from reaching it.

What is wood stain?

Wood stain is a substance that you can use to change the color of wood. It comes in many different shades, both light and dark.

What is the effect if you apply wood stain without wood conditioner?

It could look blotchy depending on the type of wood and if it's a colored stain.

Can you use floor wood stain on rifle stocks?

Wood is wood.

How do you remove tea stain from clothing It didnt come out in wash?

You can remove tea stain from clothing a few different ways. You can try putting some oxy clean on the stain.

Can you stain monkey pod wood?

what is best stain to use on monkeypod for clear look show the true wood

How do you stain bare wood?

Prepare the wood to the finish you require using grades of sandpaper, then follow the instructions for applying the stain as printed on the packaging containing the stain.

Can you use wood stain to stain over an existing wood stain?

Depends on the type of stain and wood. I would recommend you sand the original stain off (this should take 5 - 10 mins with a power sander and some 120 or 240 grit paper) then wipe clean with a cloth before applying the other stain.

Why do you stain wood?

Generally there are two reasons people will choose to stain their wood. For interior wood it is for asthetic purposes. The wood is stained to a color that matches the general decour of the space in which the wood will be used. For exterior wood, in addition to the asthetic benifits, the pigment in the stain will help to proitect the wood from UV damage caused by the sun.