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Q: How do you get yeti on tap zoo?
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How do you get a yeti in tap zoo?

Soon as you start the game and go to animals under the yeti it will say that you need 6 rangers and 3 friends from facebook if you have a account and when you complete those steps you can get a yeti for 500 coins.

How do you get the yeti on zoo tycoon 2?

you can get the yeti by having the zoo for so long and the amount of money you have depends if you get the yeti and the satrs

Zoo tycoon 2 yeti?

yes there is a yeti

How do you get a yeti on zoo tycoon?

Name an exhibit "Kathmandu" to get the Yeti.

What are the best cheats for tap zoo?

There is no cheat for tap zoo

How do you get a warthog on tap zoo?

You don't have a Warthog in tap zoo.

Who created tap zoo?

The creator of tap zoo is Rachel McArthy

How do you stop Gretchen from getting the yeti?

you tap the fuel then use the hedge cutters to free the yeti

How do you sell staff on tap zoo?

You cannot sell your staff on tap zoo

How do you get the yeti on Zoo Tycoon DS?

You need a 6 star zoo rating and 3,000 guests.

How do you get the yeti on zoo tycoon 1?

The Yeti isn't like the unicorn in the fact that you have to do something special to unlock it, it's just that it gets unlocked after you have had the zoo for a certain amount of time and/or win a prize.

How do you get the yeti room on tap pet hotel?


What is an Ocelot in tap zoo?

An Ocelot is a cross breed between a Cheetah and a Puma in Tap Zoo

Can you get neighbors on tap zoo without Facebook?

Yes, quite simply by following the steps described in the article below.

How do you play tap zoo?

Tap on animals

How do you delete a decoration on tap zoo?

In Tap Zoo 2, go to the menu that doesn't have animals and tap the sell button. Then tap the thing you want to sell and the game will confirm the price.

How do you expand your zoo on tap zoo?

You buy it in the shop.

Can you get a yeti on zoo tycoon 1?

Yes. You need a 6 star zoo rating with 3000 guest.

Are there any cheat codes for tap zoo?

Try they seem to have a lot of information on TAP ZOO. I know that a few cheats/bugs have been closed by recent updates though.

How do you feed the animals on zoo tycoon ds?

Zoo Tycoon: Sorry! Hire a zookeeper instead. Zoo Tycoon 2: Tap an animal. Then tap the icon. Now tap the feeding icon. Good luck!

Where do you find the tap zoo in paradise cove?

on the top right hand side of paradise cove there is a blue icon if u click the icon it will say tap zoo install or tap zoo play then just click it

How do you get the Yeti in Zoo Tycoon 2 for DS?

You must acheive the goal of 3,000 guests in the game before you can unlock the Yeti. Also, you must have 7 stars as a rating for your zoo. I suggest you lower the cost of entries in your zoo to '$0.00'. Guests come in more often and the process goes faster.

How do you get an Asian white backed vulture on tap zoo 2?

You cannot get an Asian white-backed vulture on tap zoo. It does not exist.

What is the best zoo game in the App Store?

tap zoo 2

Can neighbors crossbreed on tap zoo?

No. You can crossbreed only the animals that you have in your zoo