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Tap Zoo is an app for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Created and manufactured by Pocket Gems, Inc. this game allows the person playing it to create and then expand a virtual zoo. All questions about Tap Zoo can be asked and answered here.

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Tap Zoo

What level in tap zoo gets ostrich?

23, almost there - only another 1, 250,000 level points to go!

Tap Zoo

What level do you get a polar bear in tap zoo?

Lvl 18 u can buy it

Tap Zoo

How do you get a tyrant on tap zoo?

first you need too cross breed an owl and a parrot to get a macaw and then you get 5 neighbors and cross breed your macaw with a crocodile

Tap Zoo

How do you get a yeti in tap zoo?

Soon as you start the game and go to animals under the yeti it will say that you need 6 rangers and 3 friends from facebook if you have a account and when you complete those steps you can get a yeti for 500 coins.

Tap Zoo

How do you get a cheetah on tap zoo?

U buy it at lvl 13-14 can't remember

Tap Zoo

What two animals cross breed a greater roadrunner in tap zoo?

Cross Breed a Cheetah and a Scimitar Oryx. It will cost 5,500,00 coins.

Tap Zoo

How do you get a panda on tap zoo?

Reach level 19 and you can buy it for 49 stars

Tap Zoo

How do you get a giant salamander on tap zoo?

The Giant Salamander is a cross breed between the Pinta Island Tortoise and Boa Constrictor. It is available after level 21 and will cost you 7,800,000 coins.

Tap Zoo

How do you get an elephant on tap zoo on the iPhone?

Reach level 23 and you can buy the Elephant for 16,500,000 coins

Tap Zoo

How do you get a hooded seal in tap zoo?

Cross between Pygmy Hippopotamus and De Brazzas Monkey.Breeding Time47 hoursBreeding Cost14,000,000 Coins
Tap Zoo

How do you get the generic storage facility in tap zoo 2?

As of right now some people don't have the generic storage inventory or other items/features the makers of the app are releasing those things in what they're saying staggered amounts. Some people may have some items/features while another person has none or different ones. Basically you have to wait as of right now

Tap Zoo

How do you sell stuff on tap zoo?

Go To the menu and click extra and then u will see the sell button

Yeah but how do you go to the menu button and click sell? I cannot find the sell button

Tap Zoo

How do you get more snowflakes in tap zoo arctic?

Buy them

Tap Zoo

How do you make a Stegosaurus in tap zoo?

Stegosaurus is the cross breed between an Anteater and Komodo dragon. It is available after level 17 and will cost you 92 stars

Tap Zoo

What do you cross breed on tap zoo to get a swan?

Walrus and a owl

Tap Zoo

What do you get when you cross breed a parrot and owl on tap zoo?

A macaw

Tap Zoo

How do you get an Asian White-backed vulture on Tap Zoo?

An Asian White-backed vulture isn't an animal listed on the list of animals you can buy on Tap Zoo.

Tap Zoo

What Do you get when you crossbreed animals in tap zoo 2?

while it would have alittle bite of everthing of those two animals. the better animals to crossbreed is a bird and a bear or a horse with a monkey. It does not look uguly.

Tap Zoo

How do you be a free star rider on star stable?

You cannot be a free star rider, not that I know of.

Tap Zoo

How do you get a maned wolf on tap zoo?

Puma and snow leapord

Tap Zoo

How do you earn farm cash on FarmVille?

I am currently at level 23 with Facebook's Farmville (FV). I have been able to "earn" Farmville cash or dollars in several ways, without buying them: increase in ones level, purchases of high ticket items, gaining experience points (xp), moving up in the ribbon status, repetitive plantings (related to xp's), and by taking advantage of the "free" offers when you click on the "Need more " button link and maneuvering to the bottom portion (sometimes these are not really free and often the promised dollars never materialize, but I have received well over 20 FV dollars from this activity). his all takes time and patience, but if you continually plod along with the game the FV dollars will eventually appear. Yes, it is a slooooow process. I believe, but have not yet been able to verify, that there is an algorithm (mathematical equation) running in the background of each account that keeps track of the activity. When certain predetermined point levels are reached for the various game activities (that are different values based on complexity) the Farmville cash is awarded. Nothing scientific here, just my observations on the game so far.

Tap Zoo

What two animals cross-breed a wooly mamoth Tap zoo?

One is a Bahamut and the other is a sea turtle to make a tiamat and an akapura

Tap Zoo

How do you visit someone's zoo on tap zoo?

To visit someone else's zoo on tap Zoo, click on the circle on the bottom left corner of your screen. There willl be 8 icons, click on the one that says social with people on it. There, there will be 4 icons. Tap on the one that says visit neighbors. You may have one person on there... For example, Rachel McCarthy is one of mine that showed when I first started. you can tap on her, or, tap on "Random Neighbor" which will take you to a random neighbor. Login to Facebook and see if your Facebook friends have a Tap Zoo and earn more neighbors. (HINT: for some animals, you must have a certain number of neighbors to purchase- so go onto Facebook and make them your neighbor.

Tap Zoo

How do you make a flying squirrel in tap zoo?

Get to level 16 I think

Tap Zoo

How do you improve tap zoo food grade?

Buy restaurants like pizza and ice cream parlours (mmm... ice cream). Or if you have lots of stars, you can get special things like popcorn carts!


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