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Check to see if the top motor is running when you press the top up switch. Car has to be in park with emergency brake engaged. If motor runs but top will not move or binds then one or both of the lift cylinders are bad. Usually there will be hydraulic fluid leaking from the cylinders if one or both will not hold pressure. Replace cylinders if bad. The top could probably be manually closed if the lift cylinder arms are detached from the top frame. If motor does not run when the switch is pressed then check your fuses, the switch and the connector at the top motor to see if it is getting power.

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Q: How do you get your Mustang convertible top to go back up when it is stuck down?
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For the S197 (05-09) there is no manual override.

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How do you get your 5 speed Mustang convertible top to go back up when it is stuck down?

Replace the motor for the power top. But first see if it is getting ample power, a bad alternator could keep the top from working properly.

How can you get the convertible top of a 1988 VW Cabrio convertible back up when it is stuck in the down position?

On both sides of the rear panels are latches with arrows on them, they have to be released. They lock in position when the top is put down and the rear of the top on both sides is pushed down.

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The lightest and most readily available Mustang chassis will be the late '80s foxbody notchback/coupes. Hatches/convertible will be too heavy. A stripped down notchback foxbody is one of the lightest mustang chassis available.

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Sometimes it breaks down right in the driveway of the guy you bought it from. Hey, buddy--the deal was AS IS. Need a number for a tow truck?

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