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You can't get your Build-A-Bear out of your backpack when you are walking around Build-A-Bearville, you can only change the furry friend in the backpack. But Your furry friend does come out of its' backpack when you go into your Cub Condo or into the Gym at Bear University.

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2011-01-05 00:52:35
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Q: How do you get your bear out of your backpack on build-a-bearville?
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How do you get your bear out of your backpack on buildabearville?

If you mean out of a house then you can't but if you go to the gym or in a cub condo then your bear will be out of your backpack.

How do you take off your bear from the backpack in build a bear ville of 2013?

To take your bear out of your backpack, you have to have a Virtual Bear. If you do, go in your inventory & click on the backpack icon & your bear will be able to walk out of your backpack.

Where do you get a sink in buildabearville?

bear stuff store

Where is the slingshot in buildabearville?

build a bear workshop.

Where are the spots on buildabearville?

You can find most of the Sportsplex on Buildabearville It is right next to the Bear University and the Neighborhood.

How can you take out your furry friend on buildabearville even if it isn't in your cub condo or gym or maxine's condo ect?

Great question! All you have to do is pull up your inventory. Next to the image of your buildabearville character is a dark blue button with a picture on it of a backpack, a bear head and some arrows. If you click on this your furry friend will come out of your back pack and walk around with you freely in buildabearville. I hope this helped you!

Is the build a bear backpack for the bears?

yes, your bear will be in it and poke its head out. you can also change the colour of your backpack.

Where can you get a vehicle on build a bear ville?

Go to buildabearville outfitters.

How do you be a free member on build a bear-ville?

Sorry there is no buildabearville codes like that, Sorry. I tried it. Add me, I'm AllisonRocknRoll1 on buildabearville!

How do you delete a build a bear account?

first of all, you can't delete a buildabearville acount, i play it and when i leave my for a very long time buildabearville deletes them

How do you get a bear off Build-a-Bearville?

If you want to bring a bear to life on buildabearville to play with, you first need to get a real bear from the buildabear workshop. With your bear, you'll get a birth certificate with some codes on the bottom. Log onto buildabearville, go to the virtual buildabear workshop off the Town Square and click on the bear behind the desk (his name's Champ). Then chose the option to bring your bear to life, enter the codes required that are on your bear's birth certificate and then your bear will be brought to life on buildabearville. Hope this helped!

What is product of Build-A-Bear?

A build a bearworkshop backpack,a bear,and a shirt

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