How do you get your boyfriend back after you lied to him?

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FIRST know what game you played that betrayed the trust


hey girl, i bet your feeling pretty low huh? don't worry ur pretty

little head about it unless it was a sevear lie u told... ok there

is a way around this... first like i said know in ur head what game

u played meaning Y u did it.. secondly ask yourself if u want him

back and want him to try and trust u again... if so; call him or

text him say the WORDS how in the hell do u forgive a fool for

lying??? IM SO SORRY!!! then let it be.. when he is ready to answer

he may say I NEVER WILL.. or he may just say ok lets meet and talk

I WANT AN EXPLAINATION... if that happens girl ramble ur excuses to

him looking him in the eye, don't 4 get to sound appologetic and

meaningful, putting the full blame on ur stupid actions yourself

assure him u will never play such a silly game to his emotions

again just to seek his attension or hurt him... then ur home and

hoe... trust me these men lie to us every 10 mins of the day and

get away with it... but it truly hurts them and they hate it

happening to them... if he refuses to 4 give u walk away with ur

tail between ur legs and move on girl he isn't worth it and doesn't

love u..... Goodluck...

You broke the worst rule of the lot "trust!" Sorry to say, but

you have to face the music and hopefully you have learned your

lesson. If so, then phone him, apologize and ask if you can meet to

talk things out. You may get lucky and if you do then mean what you


He wants me to show him that i want his trust back but how

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