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If it is your house and in your name, call the police and have her removed. Get a restraining order against her so she cannot return.

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Q: How do you get your ex-abusive girlfriend to leave your house?
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Can your girlfriend legally leave her house to live with you?

Only if she is 18.

How do you get people to leave you and your girlfriend alone?

Say. Hey! Can we have some privacy please, And if they don't leave, just go away. If they follow you, go into your house or her house. That should work.

How can you get your girlfriend to move out of my house when i tell her she has to leave and take her thing she wont go?

call the cops?

How do you get rid of your brother who anoyes you?

1. You can find him a girlfriend 2. Leave the house as much as possible.

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The only way to know if your ex-girlfriend will think about you when you leave school is to ask her. Your ex-girlfriend may or may not think about you when you leave school.

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With the hurt that comes with cheating you definitely do not want your girlfriend to cheat. If you are looking for a reason for her to upset you and you can leave her - just leave her.

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just leave.

How do you get over a guy you are stuck living with for a while that moved his current girlfriend in?

Either you had time when you were living with him before his girlfriend entered the picture in which case you should have communicated your feelings towards him then. Now that his girlfriend is moving in it is unfortunate, but there is nothing you can do about how you feel about him. You can either try to find another place to live such as parents; grandparents; adult sibling or perhaps a friend.

What do you do if their is an explosion in the house?

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How do you fix a problem with an ex-girlfriend?

Depends if you are friends or not. If not friends then tell her to leave you alone.

What do you do if you like a boy but he has a girlfriend?

If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

How do you say 'you didn't leave aunt's house'?

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Leave her alone.

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leave her

What is should you do if your girlfriend cheats on you?

leave her. plain and simple.

Your girlfriend hides you from her ex husband?

you leave the state

How can make your girlfriend never leave you?

you hog-tie her.

What should you do if you texted your ex girlfriend and she said leave her alone?

If she is your EX girlfriend, the she is nothing to do with you any more, do as she asks LEAVE HER ALONE to make a new life without you.

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no his girlfriend Charlotte and him are very happy. I hope noone will split them up.sorry.

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You don't leave her try to get some therpy or something!!