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How do you get your ex-girlfriend back after getting drunk and saying things about her to her friends and enemies?


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I'd say hopefully "lesson learned." Getting drunk is no excuse to treat people in a bad way or to make a complete ass out of oneself. I would suggest that you make some effort and get some professional help. It isn't normal for someone to get drunk and purposely hurt someone you supposedly love (and most of us have been drunk at least once in our lives) but you don't become an "ugly drunk" and start calling ANYONE names. You have broken the worst rule of a relationship .... respect! You just didn't call her names, you went and said rotten things to her friends and ENEMIES. Now that's low! You have a problem with booze! If you apologized to her and she won't accept your apology then I don't blame her. If you really want her back, then you earn it! Before you go and see your ex girlfriend you go to each person you bad mouthed her too, and you tell them you have problems and you were causing trouble. Then you go to your doctor and get him to to send you to a good psychologist and get to the root of your anger so this never happens again. If you can't do what I just asked then you simply have no respect for yourself or anyone else around you. You are stronger than you think! Good luck Marcy


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