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What matters is; does he like you back? If not, it is over. If he does, then what is he doing crushing on another girl? Either way, you lose. Get over him and move on. If you like him/her enough than u cld wait for him and tell him you still have feelings for him/her. If the relationship has ended and one of you has moved on then it wasn't meant to be and you should attempt to move on as well and find someone who truly cares about you, even though it may be extremely difficult.

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Q: How do you get your ex back if they like someone else?
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What to do if you like your Ex?

Get back with them. Or find someone else

How do you tell your ex you like someone else?

why, he is your ex right

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else

What do you do if you love an ex and the ex doesn't love you back and you are with someone else already?

get over it already

How can you get back your older ex?

It depends on whether or not he's with someone else. If you're a guy trying to get an ex back look up 'How to get a girl to like you?' and if you're a girl trying to get an ex back look up 'How to get a guy to like you?' Very accurate answers!

You love your ex still but she loves someone else what can you do to get her back?

Wait. Anything else is futile.

Should you try to get back with your ex if they left you for someone else?

buy a shotgun ...

How do you win back an ex girlfriend who's married to someone else?


If you are dating someone and your ex boyfriend wants you back what should you do?

tell your ex that your going out with someone else and mabey 1 day if you do break up to ask you again but in the mean time your going out with someone else

What if your ex asks you back out what should you do?

if she/he is hot then yes.....unless your going out with someone else.

How do you win an ex back?

What will you do with your ex. He will never be the same with you. You should better see someone else .

What do you do when you had to move out of state and your ex says they still love you but they are with someone else?

Nothing. They are your ex for a reason let alone they are with someone else. Keep going and don't look back. Think of all the future opportunities.

What does it mean when you kiss your ex-boyfriend but he kisses you back?

It means that he likes you. If he was not kissing you back, then that would be obvious that he probably likes someone else or he doesn't like you in that way.

Can you collect ex husband SS if marry to someone else?

sounds like someone is a gold digger

Does you ex still like you even though your with someone else?

They could, but if you are with someone else, it's better not to be entertaining possibilities. Either be with the person you are with or break up if you think you might want to be back with someone else. It isn't fair to the person you are with to be with them, but to be thinking of someone else. If you are just curious, you could always ask them, then encourage them to move on.

What should you do if your ex girlfriend likes you but you like someone else?

You go rape her, and fist her.

How do you get my ex back after its been 2 years and he's dating someone else?

kill his or her boyfriend,"simple"

How do you get your ex back after you broke up with them and they already met someone else?

well, maybe make them jealous

How do you try to win your ex girlfriend back if she's went and married someone else?

kidnap her then kiss her

What is a good come back to say to your ex boyfriend now that he is going out with someone else?

I feel sorry for you

What does it mean when an ex says that she doesn't know how to date someone else after a breakup?

She probably wants you back.

How can you get your ex back quickly?

Say that you are sorry for what you did but if they don't come back, then follow him around with someone else and try to make him jealous.

What if you still like your ex boyfriend?

You need to move on and find someone else. It's possible that it just wasn't meant to be, so you need to get back out there and find that special someone that's out there waiting for you.

How can you tell if your ex girlfriend is sleeping with someone else?

who cares? She is your [ex]...EMPHISES ON THE [EX]

What if your ex is with someone else?

That is probably good - remember he is your ex for a reason.