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just tell her how you fell about her and slowly make her go to your bed room with you

Option 2

Tell her that you have hidden loads of new shoes in the bed.

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How do you get a girlfriend in bed?

It is very unlikely that you will get a girlfriend in bed. Your chances of getting a girlfriend are much greater if you go out

How do you get your girlfriend in bed with you?

You? Not

Why will your girlfriend get bit by bed bugs but not you?

its kind of a stupid question but it depends if the bed bugs are more attracted to your girlfriend more then they are to you

How your girlfriend get into bed?

decorate the tempt...lay in bed naked...

Who is the girl in j holiday bed video?

Jennifer Gordon (there are rumors that she is his girlfriend or ex- girlfriend

How do you know if you're good in bed?

Your boyfriend will tell you, or your girlfriend.

How do you get angry?

watch ur girlfriend get into bed with someone else;)

What is the song title where a black boy sat next to his girlfriend hospital bed and singing?

"It Won't Be Long" is the song title where a black boy sat next to his girlfriend hospital bed and sang.

Bom chicka bom bom?

This is what my girlfriend says in bed when i do her :L

What are some kinky things my girlfriend and i can do i bed?

get her a strap on and take it up the but

How do you make my girlfriend content in bed and in general?

Now let's see if I have this right - you are asking, "how do I make your girlfriend content in bed and in general?" The answer is quite simple; by doing all the things that she wishes you would do but don't.

How can you bring your Ex-Girlfriend again in the bed?

ANSWER: Pardon me but if I were you I will be more concern on how my ex girlfriend will trust me again. Sex can wait, you need to get her trust towards you again or else you wondering if you can get her back in bed will be impossible.

What if ur ex girlfriend knowing very well that u still have strong feelings for her agrees with u on a date after the date she invites you to share a bed with her and once in bed she says no to sex?

she's high or...... get new girlfriend

How can you get your girlfriend in bed?

charm her and if shefinds out what your doing make feel guilty if she trys to leave.

Can sims 3 town life stuff make a baby?

You have to get a girlfriend and go to bed!

How do you get Miley Cyrus in bed with you?

Dear Asker,Hello, you can not get in bed with Miley Cyrus. Only if you are her boyfriend or girlfriend. Thank you.MILEY CYRUS'S TWITTER!: @SmileyRayCyrus4

Should I give my girlfriend a bed for Valentine's Day?

No, try something that requires a little more thought. Unless, of course, she has been in need of a bed.

You are a single girl and your flatmate and best friend lets you sleep in his bed he has a girlfriend is this wrong?

The girlfriend might get the wrong picture and they'll probably breakup.

How do you make your girlfriend happy in bed?

Ask her what would make her happy or what we should like to do differently.

Can you satisfy your girlfriend with your 5 inch erect penis with a 4.5 circumference in bed?

Yeah sure!!

Does Ronnie from escape the fate have a girlfriend?

i know he has 2 really close friends who are girls (AKA bed buddies....js he's a rockstar that's what they do) but no official girlfriend

Why is cardiovascular endurance needed when swimming?

its good as keep you good in bed and makes you give it hard to your girlfriend ;)

Can a seventeen year old boy get arrested if he sleeps in same bed as his fifteen years old girlfriend?


What to do when you catch your 17 year old son in bed with his girlfriend?

Make sure she is on the pill, or he is using a condom.

What does samin like to do in the night?

choudhury saaab likes to have a horny sex in the bed with his girlfriend aysha basharaat

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