How do you get your husband to take your feelings seriously?

I've found that many men, and women too, are more open to ideas if they come up with it themselves. It helps to find a parallel, something that he can relate to and then present it in a non thretining way (not in the heat of the moment). Ultimately I've found that if I want to be taken seriously I have to be very straight foreward about what I want. On the otherhand I think sometimes there are things that he just doesn't understand. I very often have to pick my battles with my husband, but if it is important to you. you'll need to speak up. Please keep in mind that this is no more than friendly advise from one wife to another, and I am in no way an expert. .


ps. sometimes I feel it's easier to express my feelings to my husband in writing. It helps me get everything out there without the interuptions of conversation. He can respond in his own way and in his own time, though I am always available there when he reads it.