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Contact the credit card company and explain your circumstances. Whatever the problem, you are 100% responsible for the debt that person has incurred. Cancel their credit card (should have been done immediately) and pay off their debt! If you are fortunate enough to have your own credit cards after all this and have a good credit rating and you are paying off this person's debt then your credit rating will not be altered in any way. DON'T COSIGN FOR ANYONE! Marcy

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Q: How do you get your name off a credit card that you cosigned for 2 years ago if you cannot find the person you cosigned for?
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Is the person who cosigned for a rental agreement liable after 2 years?

The signers on a lease are liable for charges during the term of the lease.

Can you get a foreclosure off your credit report?

A foreclosure will be expunged from a person's credit report after seven years have expired from the time the foreclosure was reported. Valid information on a credit report cannot be removed until the required time limit for reportage has expired.

Can late payments by a primary affect the credit score of a cosigner?

Yes, I am 27 years old I've had credit history for the past 3 years, I have NEVER missed a payment, always paid on time and I only have two credit cards that are open. I cosigned an automobile loan for a "friend" they paid late twice and I just found out my score is 584. BS right.

Can you get a car loan at 16 years of age?

no, as a loan requires credit, and you cannot have credit until the age of 18. Your PARENTS can, though.

What can you do if you cosigned for your daughter's car two years ago and now she is two months behind and cannot make the payments and you cannot make them for her?

Try to help her find a BUYER for the car before it gets repoed. If the payoff is $5000.oo and your buyer will only pay $4200.00, find the $800.00 needed to pay it off and you're both home free. great credit(mostly) and NO collection hassles. good Luck

How long is your credit affected after a foreclosure?

Usually a foreclosure will lower a person's credit score by 250 points, and sometimes by as many as 280 points. The foreclosure stays on a person's credit report for seven years.

How do get a discharged chapter 7 removed from your credt report?

You cannot get it removed from your credit report. It will be on your credit report for 10 years and it will affect your ability to get loans and other type of credit accounts.

How can you get your chapter 7 bankruptcy off your credit report?

It should rotate off of your credit report about 7 years after being discharged. It cannot be removed.

How do you get bankruptcy off your credit report?

A bankruptcy will remain on a credit report for the required ten years, it cannot be removed arbitrarily.

If you have paid your half of your children's medical expenses how do you get your ex-spouse's unpaid portion off your credit?

An entry may be marked 'paid' or 'settled' but it will remain on the credit report for the required 7 years and cannot be removed by the consumer. The consumer can write a 100 words or less letter of dispute to the reporting credit bureau(s) and the letter will be added to the person's credit file.

Can people live to be a million years old?

No if a person cannot live to be a thousand years old then he or she cannot live one million years the high record is 125 years old

If you cosigned for your boyfriend on a loan of 20K three years ago and you had to give up the title to your car and he is ruining your credit what can you do?

nothing ive been their all u can do is explain the situation to whoever ur applying for credit. u might be able to take him to small claim court and sue him for the remainder of the balance to pay it off

How does bankruptcy effect your credit score?

First off once you file bankruptcy you cannot do it again for 7 years. Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years. Rather to try to describe what the different types of bankruptcy will do to your credit click the link for more information.

I cosigned for my son in laws car he went bankrupt the court made him get rid of the most exp vehicle Its been on my credit for 5 years how do you get it off I thought there was a class action suit?

You are better off to give the money to someone rather than cosign. Cosigning means that you are responsible for that debt if the person you cosigned for doesn't pay up. The court would have your son-in-law sell the vehicle and pay the bank back and whatever is left over is your responsibility. Go to the bank you and your son-in-law went too and they will straighten things out for you.

How long does a satisfied judgment stay on your credit report WA?

A paid judgment stays on a person's credit report for seven years. An unpaid judgment also stays on the report for seven years, but may be renewed. Tax liens are another item that stay on a credit report for seven years, if paid. If not paid, they remain on the credit report indefinitely.

What are the adverse side affects on your credit report for having a car repossessed?

It will cause the credit score to decline and will remain on the credit report for seven years, perhaps creating problems for the person to obtain future credit/loans.

When does one eliminate bankruptcy debt off of their credit record?

When a person files for bankruptcy and their case is discharged they can immediately begin rebuilding their credit. It isn't unlikely for a person's credit score to bounce back to 750 or higher within the matter of a couple years.

If a 16 years old student had a young person card but he is now 18 when can he get a credit card?

Once 18 this person may apply for any credit card (at first few will accept) once this person sets a good credit line other companies will be eager to pre-approve this person.O

Does the state of Virginia allow renewel of judgments on credit reports?

No, they cannot be renewed. But they can stay on your file for up to 20 years.

What regulations as to information files do credit reporting agencies observe?

Adverse information must be removed within seven years--except bankruptcy, which remains in a credit file for 10 years. Disputed information that cannot be verified must be removed

Do you have to pay off your credit card if it has been more than 7 years?

they get turned in to a collection agency and if they cannot collcet a lawfirm will try to collect if they cannot collect you will be served

How can a person get rid of a bankruptcy that is still on a credit report after ten years?

In order to remove obsolete tradelines you must dispute it as obsolete with the 3 credit bureaus.

Are there student loans that do not have to be cosigned by a parent or guardian or someone with established credit?

Not really. Banks are very conservative by nature. They have fairly strict underwriting criteria. If you do not have established minimum of 2 years credit, than you must find someone who will co-sign with you who does. Try They have about ab 80% approval rate on loans if borrower's meet certain criteria.

How can you remove debts that are five years old from your credit report?

If they are valid debt default entries they cannot be removed from the report until the required seven years have expired.

What should you do to get paid collections off your credit report?

If the account is legitimately yours, then you cannot legally have it removed from your credit report. However, if you paid the collection account off, it should be reported as paid on your credit report. Still, the accounts will not be removed from your credit report for 7 years.