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First, check that the window lock switch is not pressed. It is on the drivers door next to the four power window switches, it has a little picture of a door and window on it with an X through it. If the switch is pressed, only the driver can open and shut the windows, the switches on the other doors will not work. If the windows won't work at all, not even from the driver's door, make sure the fuse for the power windows is good. Replace it if you don't know how to check it, fuses are cheap.

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Suzuki XL7 was previously known as the Grand Vitara (GVT for short)

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To change a water pump on a Suzuki xl7 2002 you should have knowledge about automobiles, so its better to not do it at home and take it to the mechanic nearby.

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Very carefully

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Looks to be about $525 for a brand new Suzuki Unit.

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This answer is for the 2008 XL7, but it may help: Under the hood (driver's side), there is a fuse panel. In the '08 models, Circuit #3 ("PWR") is for the front outlets, and #40 ("AUX") is for the rear.