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i dont know.
Visit this link.
that might help you:


good luck

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On the walk for Malawi in millsberry where do you go for the last clue of the walk?

the last steps are either # go to the clothing store # go back to the museum and get your trophy. :D

Places where you get tropihies in millsberry?

You can get trophies in games in the Arcade, or special events such as the Walk for Malawi, etc.

On the walk for Malawi in millsberry where do you go when it says to walk west from the Toy Store?

were is the crater i know its in westridge but were Go to city, then click on westridge, then on the crater. hope this helped..

How do you win a millsberry 500 trophy on millsberry?

well you have to keep playing the games and then eventually you'll get it

How do you get trophys on millsberry?

You get trophy's in millsberry by playing games. If you get a really good score they will give you a trophy for that game.

How do you win a trophy in millsberry?

By winning a lot of games at the arcade.

How do you get the trophy for Buzzing for water on millsberry?

You have to win the game or get a high score

How do you get trophy for Millsberry's Match Wanted in millsberry.com?

will you can go to some of the millsberry yard sales and they will be alot of MB but you can go to my millsberry and get trophy for 3000 and 5000 and maybe some of the trophy you are asking for at my yard sales for 1000 or 2000 my username is rabbitpink. hpoe it help.

What do you get if you win wave blaster on millsberry?

the sylivina couch thing. no trophy for that game.

How can you get the art trophy in Millsberry?

You have to go to the art class pick a picture and paint in it. You will get the paint trophy if a lot of people vote on your painting.

What games on Millsberry can you win a trophy?

There a re trophy's you can win or you can win awards as well but i will list the both. Trophy's that u can win: Fruit roll up scoops Fruit gushers Millsberry 500 Save the honey Horton hears a who Tricky touch down Kai ultimate surf Bumper boats Sudoku Slap shot hockey Lucky charms Reeses puff Millsberry hide and seek Galatic defender adventure Sherman home run derby Sink 3 Rope race Countdown Half pipe Millsberry most wanted Cinnamon toast crunch Peabody park cleanup Hop n drop Solver Awards: Good farms trophy award Malawi plaque Malawi award trophy Fishing game trophy award Cinnamon toast crunch detective trophy award Halloween participation gold silver bronze first second third year 2003-2009 Food drive harvest trophy award Pet palace pet dress award I have some trophys for sale and other awards and items i promise more coming soon my username is: 10011003

How do you get a millsberry 500 trophy on millsberry?

First you put the game size on small and then you play and the cars will go much faster so you can beat it faster. I have an account it is scwarriors

How do you get a free thpoie on millsberry?


On millsberry how many points do you have to get the millsberry 500 trophy?

Go to my yard sale: Suchetna u luv it i have awesome stuff and lotts of it and i have many cheap rare trophies aloso visit for sure my yardsale username is : Suchetna Millsberry Citizen, Suchetna

How much points do you have to get in home run derby on millsberry to get a trophy?

It takes 100,000 points to get the trophy on Sherman's Home Run Derby. It may take from 30 min. to 90 min. depending on the person to win the trophy.

How has a cheap snowflake bed on sale in millsberry?

I dont have snowflake but I have a hortin hears a who trophy only 9999999 millsbucks:indianajones66

How do you win a millsberry cinnamon toast crunch trophy?

you have to get 591 points to get the trophy, and i don't think that there are any cheats cuz believe me, I've tried.... so yeah. good luck!

How do you get 1 million millsbucks on Millsberry?

Try to get the Horton hears a who trophy and sell it in your yard sale for 1 million millsbucks.

Millsberry bathroom yard sales?

Hi!my millsberry username is GRIND9000 and i have a really cheap yard sale like a horton hears a who master trophy for 1500mb!!!...and bathroom suplies for 100mb!!!so PLEASE try it!!!!!!:):):)

In millsberry who has a cinnamon toast crunch trophy?

the trophy is easy to earn. you just go on the one right above 100 and click. but as soon as it comes down and hit the bottom then drop it imediately

How do you get through the off limit area of trophy garden?

Get the walk trought wall cheat then activate it in the trophy garden and just walk over the ledge:)!$

On millsberry how do you get more than 1 trophy in a game?

you cant get more than 1 trophy on your account. If you want you can buy some from yard sales, or you can make a new account to play games and send them to you.

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