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1. wet coat with warm water, pour Guinea pig shampoo along pet's back

2. work Guinea pig shampoo into coat, avoid getting shampoo in pet's eyes and ears

3. Thoroughly rinse coat

4. shampoo again

5. Thoroughly rinse coat until water runs clear with no suds

Well, you can use a sink or a bathtub. Treat it like a baby, like fill it with nice warm water and fill it till its half of your guinea pig. You don't want it to swim and get tired and drown. When using shampoo, use a soft baby shampoo. Keep soap out of the eyes of the guinea pig. And perhaps try and avoid the ears, eyes and nose. There really is no need for a conditioner, if you find a need. Use a baby conditioner as well. And when done, use a towl. Rap them up nicely and softly rub all around until it is decently dry. If you want use a hair dryer.. Use the softest power on it. And after that you should be done
THERE ARE TWO METHODS: #1. fill a bin (I like to use my bathroom sink) with lukewarm water. Place the guinea pig in the bin and wet their hair. Apply guinea pig shampoo (available in pet stores) and rinse. You may want to replace the water. Then, shampoo a second time. Towel dry (dont sufficate it though.) #2. place the guinea pig in a bin and pour lukewarm water over them (from a pitcher). Shampoo as in #1. Then, place the guinea pig in a box with a hot water bottle (covered with a towel) to dry.
I wash mine in the bathtub. I make sure the water is not too warm or too hot and fill the tub about 4 inches high. You don't want to get their face wet, or let them go under the running water. For soap, I went to the vet to get some normal pet soap.
well use a sink for the water guinea pig shampoo or baby shampoo(Johnson ) lufe warm water up to his.her belly
You will need
  • A dirty guinea pig
  • A sink or bathtub
  • Two or three towels
  • Guinea pig or baby shampoo
  • (If it's cold outside or especially cold inside) A hairdryer

first of all put the guinea pig in the sink or bathtub with a little amount of water just above their feet, then rinse the guinea pig in water, if the guinea pig freaks out a little bit then just get some water in your hands and pour it on the guinea pig but BE CAREFUL ! you don't want the water to get any where near its face or ears !!

then when you have rinsed it you will need the guinea pig shampoo cleaning stuff, you can buy this from a pet shop, then rub it, remember not near the face or ears please !!! then carefully rinse off the guinea pig in the water again, PLEASE make sure its all off as it can irritate your guinea pig! then use a brush to stroke your guinea pig. then dry him/her with a towel only if it freaks out then get A treat to reward your guinea pig, even if it diddent enjoy it :) I HOPE THIS HELPED
you should give guinea pigs baths because they can get very smelly and stink your room out

you give them baths by runnig about 1 inch ofwater in a bath tub and hold the guinea pig in your hand above the water. use a soft sop and use your hand and scrub their body, away from the face. dry them off carfully

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When do you have to wash your guinea pig?

You don't neccesarily NEED to give your Guinea Pig a bath.

How often do you have to take your guinea pig on a bath?

once a yr. my guinea pig dislikes them and i have to give him a bath everyother yr.

Can you give a guinea pig a bath with water only?

yes you can give a guinea pig a bath with just water but they will not be as clean as when you give them a bath with shampoo and yes they do make special shampoo for guinea pigs don't use normal soap on guinea pigs you can find this special soap at petsmart in the guinea pig area

Do you have to give your guinea pig a bath?

Yes they will get stinky and you need to give them a bath or they will not be healthy.

What type of soap can you wash a guinea pig?

You don't give guinea pigs bath with water or soap I have a guinea pig and I give it a special type of spray him and then brush him

How often can you give your baby guinea pig a bath?

about once a week

What does it mean when a guinea pigs nails change colors?

It means your guinea pig is dirty. Give it a bath with special guinea pig shampoo. It gets rid of dandruff and it cleans all the dirt off too. Don't give your guinea pig a bath too much otherwise its skin will go all flakey and yucky. Give it a bath every 2 - 3 weeks depending on how dirty it is. If your guinea pig gets dirty a lot, clean its cage.

Guinea pig bites?

guinea pigs bite them self because they are itchy SO GIVE THEM A BATH

What degrees does it have to be to give guinea pig a bath?

Actually you CAN give a Guinea pig a bath but you should not put them back in their cage when they are damp (this is how they get colds).It should be around 50 degrees or higher when you give him/her a bath but be sure to remember to dry your friend with a towel (NO HAIR DRYERS). SQ

What happens if you give your guinea pig a shawer 1 a week?

You should not give a guinea pig a shower once a week. I only bath my guinea pigs if they are really in need of a bath or if I'm taking them to a show. I would say a few times a year if you want to bath them, but not once a week

What happens when i don't bath my guinea pig?

It is fine to never bath your guinea pig. They dont need a bath because they clean themselves.

How do you get fleas off of a guinea pig?

you get some medacation or give it a bath with flea shampoo

Can baby guinea pigs take a bath?

Guinea pigs shouldn't have baths however if you think your guinea pig needs a bath you should give it a very shallow,warm(not to hot) bath and it will make it cleaner!

When do you give a guinea pig a bath?

guinea pigs are fairly clean animals. u only need to give your guinea pigs a bath every 1 month. u can also use squeaky clean spray on guinea pigs.

How many times can you bath a guinea pig?

You can bathe a guinea pig 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times.

Why does a gunea pig vibrate when you give it a bath?

Are you sure your guinea pig isn't shivering? Make sure the water is tepid.

What do you need to give a guinea pig a shower?

I you wish to give your guinea pig a bath or shower you, will need the following items. A large jug filled with lukewarm water, a basin/bucket/bath tub, a towel, and some shampoo/conditioner/soap. OPTIONAL: you could have some treats for your guinea pig :P To bathe your guinea pig, place him in the bath and pour the water over him. massage in the shampoo if you are using any. Wash the shampoo out using more water. Repeat the process if you want to use conditioner. Give your guinea pig rewards throughout the process. When your guinea pig is clean, take him out of the bath and dry him throughly with a towel. Do not use a hair dryer, as this will scare your guinea pig. Allow him to air dry in his hutch. I hope this was helpful! :)

Are you allowed to bath your guinea pig?

yes, you should bathe your guinea pig once a month.

Can you give a guinea pig a bath with only water?

You can bathe them in lukewarm water and baby soap

What care does a guinea pig need?

Guinea Pigs need:Hay or alfalfa to eat.Guinea Pig food mix for calcium and variety.Bedding.Water and vitamin C drops in the water.Bath powder. (because guinea pigs hate water!)Cage.Hideout/hut.A place for your guinea pig to run.Carring case to carry your guinea pig in.Attention.Guinea Pig Tips/Directions:Guinea pigs do not like water, so that's why you need bath powder.... of course you could give them a water bath, but I'm warning you: they will try to get out of the water! How to bath-powder guinea pigs:Shake a bit of powder on the guinea pig and take a brush andbrush all of the powder out.THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE ME TRUST POINTS. I WANT TO BE A GOOD WRITER.

When is the time of year when you give guniea pig a bath?

You should only do it in warm weather so that your guinea pig doesn't get a chill. But if a blow drier doesn't affect your guinea pig you can do it at anytime of the year.

What are the ways for a guinea pig to get sick?

well if you give your pig a bath and then don't dry them, they could get sick or if you dont clean their cage enough

How do you bath a baby 7 week old guinea pig?

I would not recommend giving a guinea pig any younger than 3 months a bath.

How do you clean your guinea pig?

You can give them a bath, use a baby wipe, or a warm wet face cloth. If you give it a bath just be careful to use baby or guinea pig shampoo not regular soap. Make sure that you do not let the pig get cold after. It can be blow dried with a hair dryer on a low warm setting. Have fun!

How many times a month should you give your guinea pig a bath?

um...i dont think u give ginnypigs baths.