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masturbation, which means rubbing his penis.

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Q: How do you give a man an orgasim?
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Who was Ferdinand Megellan?

The first man to give his wife an orgasim!

What are ways to give a girl an orgasim?

Finger her you ignorant.

How do you have a orgasim with no prostate?

How do i have a orgasim with no prosate.

If your have a average sized penis can you give a girl a orgasim?

Its not the size that counts. Its how you use it.

How do you give your self an orgasim?

you stick your finger in your vagina and keep doing till you weird

How can you give a girl a orgasim with your 6 inch penis?

is that a trick question? HELLO! you have a 6 inch dick!!!

Is it bad to orgasim?

Absolutly NOT

How do you know when you are having a orgasim?


When did the taliban come into power?

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What is an orgasim in sex?

You'll know it when it happens.

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Will a little penis give a women a good orgasim?

If you are a good lover, YES. Amswer: It isnct the size of the tool that is import. It the skill of the craftsman that matters.

How do you stop Plants vs Zombies crash?

you just have sex with the sunflower till it gets an orgasim than it wont freese and give u extra sun

After sex your legs and hips quiver is this an extended orgasim?


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my back massager

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Yes, and so can men!

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About 30 minutes

What are examples of air pollution?

someone farting loudly, someone having an orgasim, or a man making loud animal like noises while humping during intercoarse.

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Trust in yourself and you canot miss it is a great feeling all over you body and it feels so great before and after the orgasim but it dose very for each person

What does masterbation feel like?

Masterbation, is a great feeling but only lasts a couple of seconds. In males the orgasim is only the penis, but in girls the orgasim is the whole body, IT TIGLES! YUMMY!!

An orgasim that maks its own food?

almost any plant

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not long after orgasim

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you feel like you're about too sneeze.