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How do you give a small dog a pill?

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You can try crushing the pill and mixing it with a smaller amount of food than the dog normally eats. Dogs are smart, so if you have one of those dogs that eats around the crushed medication ask the vet if it comes in liquid. The way I give my dogs pills (even my cat) is by gently holding their head back, putting my finger on each side of their jaw (so they can close) throw in the pill, hold my hand around their closed muzzle (while the head is still tilted back) and gently rub downward on their throat. It works for me every time and I know for sure that they have gotten the medication. This is a good method, but when the dog seems to have swallowed, open his or her mouth while his/her head is still tilted back to see if he/she has really swallowed (my dog is smart enough to try and hide the pill). Another method (if your dog likes peanut butter) is to completely coat the pill in a substantial amount of peanut butter and let the dog eat it from your hand: it worked on my puppy and she hates taking pills.

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Can you give your dog sleeping pill?

No, you can't give a dog a sleeping pill.

Give a dog a pill?

First of all you should ask a vet. Second it is possible to give your dog a pill but I only give my dog Allergy pills when he has a cold.

What do I do if my dog eats a caffeine pill?

My small dog ate a 200 mg caffeine pill Will he be ok?

What antibiotics can you give a dog with parvo?

My dog had parvo and we learned to give the dog have a pill of Tylenol and pepto bismal

Can you give your dog half of a methocarbamol?

yes, but very important to follow vet instructions as dosage goes by weight. my small dog would get a quarter pill

How do you give a pill to a dog?

The best way to give a dog a pill is to wrap it, or stick it in food the dog will eat. Hotdogs work great, because you can break off a 1-2 inch piece, and put the pill in the middle of it. IN some cases the dog will eat the food and spit the pill out. If that happens, just increase the amount of the food to drown out the pill, so to speak, and the dog will eventually eat it.

What is the best way to give a diabetic dog a shot?

give dog a chill pill then he will be calmed down and then you can take the shot

Can you give a cat a sm pice of a dog pain pill tramadol?

No, you can't give meds prescribed for a dog to a cat.

How do you give a large dog a pill?

Hide it in the dogs food works with my dog 99.9% of the time

Can you give prune juice to small dog for constipation?

can you give prune juice to small breed dog

What pill do you give a dog that has a sore leg?

ask your local vet

How do you get neighbors dog to stop barking?

you would give the owner of the dog an anti stress pill or two to calm them down and then give them a bone

What will happen if your dog eats one pill?

if it is a big dog nothing will happen if its a small dog you should really call the animal doctor

How much Benadryl can you give to a small breed dog?

how much benadryl can i give a small dog weighs 15 pounds or less

How many time are you so post to give the dog the pill for the worms?

once a month

Do they have injection of antibiotic you can give to your dog instead of pill form?

It depends on the antibiotic. There are many.

What Pain pill can you give a dog?

2nd Answer: Do not give your dog tylenol. Only give a buffered aspirin. That is safe for your dog. But you need to find out what is causing the pain. I highly recommend you take your dog in to see your Veterinarian and have the dog checked out. The Vet can then recommend what is best to give the dog. Do not try to cure the dog at home or give it human medications. 1st Answer: You can give your dog tylenol, no other strong pain medication.

Do you have to give a dog a heart worm pill?

Yes and no; heartworm medication is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy, but it doesn't necessarily have to be in the form of a pill. It's best to ask your vet about the best kind of medication regimen for your dog.

If my dog ate a lunesta pill what should i do?

What if my dog ate my lunesta pill

How do you give your dog a flea pill when they don't want it?

You could put it in Rice or Chicken you could do anything.Open his or her mouth and give it to them or give it a shot.

What to give a dog with diarrhea?

Give your dog small servings of a bland diet. Canned pumpkin is good.

What kind of sleeping pill should you give your dog so you can cut her fur?

never ever give your dog a sleeping pill for that could hurt the dog and maybe even kill it! if you want to cut your dogs hair put it on a leash and tie it to something and cut cut cut! or maybe just take it to the dog barbors!

Can a small breed dog give birth to a large breed puppies?

Yes, the can. For instance, if a large male dog has sex with a medium/small dog, the small female dog will give birth to a dog that will probably be bigger than her. I would say that there is an 80% chance it can happen.

What is a small tablet of medicine called?

A small tablet of medicine is a pill.

What happens if your dog eats a penicillin pill?

What happenes if your dog eats a penicillin pill

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