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How do you go about fixing the fan blower for the heater on a 1970 Buick Skylark GS?


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The blower motor is between the firewall, and the fender cowl located on the far right of the vehicle. This cowl will have to be removed (fender well)in order to gain access to the motor. Just remove the bolts toward the rear as the whole thing doesn't have to come off, but some of the hoses and accessories bolted down to the cowl might have to be removed for more flexibility.


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check fues if not bad ckeck relay if not relay check blower moter by hooking it up direct to a power source.

You can bypass your 1988 Buick Skylark heater core by removing the heater core water supply hoses. There will be to water hoses. Connect the water hoses to each other.

There's a big, black plastic cover over the blower motor under the hood under the firewall. It's just behind the alternator.

Im asking how to change the heater core. I don't have the answer.

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The heater CORE is a big job. Get a manual on your car to do the job correctly.

Buick Skylark was created in 1953.

Probably a worn-out or clogged heater core.

Not 100% sure, but try starting the fan, open the hood and listen for it.

Try Amazon.com and see if they have some Buick manuals from Chilton or Haynes. I know they have diagrams and instructions.

The heater core is mounted to the passenger side firewall on the 1988 Buick Electra 307. The blower motor needs to be removed to access the heater core.

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Likely the blower motor is bad, causing increased current and blowing the fuse. Replace the blower motor.

yes it will, i have a 1971 skylark with a 72' fender on it.

The blower switch is the knob you turn on the heater control in the dashboard. If you are talking about the blower motor resistor, it is located in the passenger's foot well area, mounted in the heater box.

It's behind that gray colored housing on the firewall, right near the alternator.

The blower motor on a 2003 Buick LeSabre is used to circulate air inside the vehicle's cabin. It is also pulls in warm air from the heater core.

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If you mean the engine, yes. The actual car, no.

Yes, it's gray and it's on the upper part of the firewall near the alternator.

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