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You need to run the installer. Once it's installed, go on Google maps and hover over the maps icon in the top right corner. Three options will expand, click on Google Earth. You can also download a Google Earth software to run on your computer if you can't get it to work online. .

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Do you have to download Google Earth to use it?

You need to download Google Earth installer then run the installer to install. The basic program comes as a desktop application. Google also provides Google Earth as a web browser plugin. Like Flash or similar plugin when you visit a web page using this plugin it prompts you to install the just the plugin. Installing Google Earth desktop client requires administrator privileges and the web plugin does not.

Can you install Google Earth without Chrome?

Yes, you can install just Google Earth without Chrome. If the Google Earth installer is bundled with Google Chrome then it should prompt you to install Chrome web browser. It should not automatically without Chrome without user acknowledgement.

How many megabytes does it use to download Google Earth?

Google Earth download is ~25MB on Mac and ~15Mb on Windows plus possibly 50-100Mb to download the initial layers and imagery. The installed Google Earth application is larger than the downloaded installer which on Windows is ~85MB (v6.0) -- this includes the Google Earth client and the Google Earth API/plugin.

What does 7 zip internal error code on 106 mean if you are trying to download Google Earth?

Sometimes there are errors downloading Google Earth. One such error might be a network transmission error in the compressed data stream that can occurs from downloading Google Earth from the standard download page. The standard Windows download first downloads a small setup.exe which when run downloads the full installer. If there are problems downloading Google Earth then the easiest solution is to download the full Google Earth installer from the direct download link page. See related links below.

How do you go on the actual Earth on Google Earth?

you look at google earth and type in 'earth locations" No, it's View->Explore->Earth

Google update installer error 0x80040714?


Where does Google Earth go once you have downloaded it?

When you download Google Earth it usually is saved in the temporary file folder unless you explicitly picked the download location. The Firefox web browser, for example, provides a downloads window showing what was downloaded and where it was saved locally.Next, you run the installer (e.g. GoogleEarthWin.exe) to install the application.

How Do You Download Yahoo Messenger and Google Chrome Installer?

You can download the Google Chrome installer from Google's own website. Yahoo Messenger can also be downloaded over yahoo's site.

How do i look at earth on the computer?

go to google earth .press start in the bottom left hand corner and type google earth!

How do you go on Google earth?

The only way you can go on it is by downloading it.

Where can I get pictures of Venus?

Go to Google Earth

How can you tell if a road is paved in Texas?

you go on google and look on the maps or go to google earth and zoom in.

Can you go to the Moon on Google Earth?

Yes, you can now! In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, Google has added the Moon to Google Earth!

Where can one find out about the new Google Earth and Maps Gallery?

The best place to go regarding any sort of information on Google Earth and the Maps Gallery is the official Google Earth website. The website covers everything to do with Google Earth etc.

Why does the earth look from space?

Go to google images and type: Earth from space.

Where can someone go to find more information on Google Earth?

You can get more information on Google earth is by searching it online. You can also find it by downloading Google earth app on your phone or by downloading it on your computer.

Where does Google Earth imagery come from?

Google earth gets their images from satellites , planes and other things that can go above ground

Can you get more planes for Google Earth flight simulator?

Yes you can, go to and type in "Planes for Google Earth Flight Simulator"

Can you install google sketchup without the internet?

You can install it, but to download the installer... Yes, you do.

Is version for Google Earth a Pro edition?

The Google Earth Free and Pro versions have the same numbering scheme so the version itself doesn't tell you if what you have is Pro version or not. When you start Google Earth Pro it will have "Google Earth Pro" in the title of the window. You can also go to Help menu and select "About Google Earth".

What is the distance from kolhapur to pandharpur by road?

Install Google Earth or go to Google maps and then you can measure.

How do you go to Mars on Google Maps?

Google Earth has a Mars planet mode, but Google Maps does not have such a feature. You need to download Google Earth to explorer Mars in 3-D with high-resolution imagery.

How do you get Crab Nebula on Google Earth?

Depending on your version of Google Earth. Go View --> Switch to sky --> search for Crab Nebula or M1

Does he Mississippi River go through tennesssee?

yes it does. You should go on google earth and look or google maps or even wikipedia.

How do you install Google Earth on Linux?

1. Download the installer for Google Earth from their website (ie. GoogleEarthLinux.bin). 2. Assume root privileges in your terminal. For Ubuntu, simply enter "sudo su", followed by your password. For most others, enter "su", followed by your password. 3. Enter "chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin" 4. Enter "./GoogleEarthLinux.bin". Not that there is a "." and a "/" before the installer. This specifies the current directory as the location of the program. 5. Follow the onscreen prompts.