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How do you go on a date with your best friend?


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I believe you can go on date with a best friend. But when you really look forward to these dates . you better look out because ur best friend my become your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Talk it out with the friend, and if she says you can go out with him/her you can date them.

it matters on who your going with. your friends? boy/girl friend

The best person to date is your best friend.

If you like your best friend, then yeah sure :)

The best thing to do is to find a date. But if you don't, thats ok! you can go with your friends, but if your friends have a date, then go with ur closest friend that DOESNT have a date :)

Well, if your best friend likes your boyfriend, then I really think you shouldn't date him. If your best friend just doesn't like him, then you should just date him. I mean, does it really matter what your best friend thinks? She should like you no matter who you date.

well it depends if u want themm together or not if not go to your friend tell them about him see if that works

If you both love each other then go out together and it doesn't matter if he is your brother's best friend or not. You do not need permission from your brother to date his best friend. It would be wise if you both started to date that you give him some free time to spend time with your brother.

well if ur friend is not planning to do anything to be with him..then i think it's ok to go;)..and besides, he asked YOU to go on a date, which means that he likes u not ur friend,a nd if she is a real friend, she should be happy for you two:)...go on a date and have the best time;) thanks ill take ur word on it

Date the guy your best friend likes.

You can either ruin your relationship with your best friend or, you know, don't date your BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND!

If you like the guy back, great for you! Go out with him. The only thing is that your friend might get jealous and try to steal him. Have him find a friend to go on a date with her or just tell her sorry and to move on.

Date there best friend.

The right thing to do is not go out with him. If you do you can make your friend upset. Tell this boy you can't date him and if he likes you, he will understand. The best thing to do is to tell your friend he likes you and then tell her you already said no.

Yes, but you may damage your friendship with your best friend.Elaboration:This is a tricky issue, and the answer will be different in each situation. Before you date this person you should check with your friend to make sure they don't already have feelings for them, and if your friend does then you should not date them, unless you want to lose a friend. Even if your friend doesn't like this person, you should still ask them if the two of you dating would make things awkward between them, and if they would mind you dating them. Talk it over, and if your friend decides they don't want you to date their friend then respect their wishes. If they don't have a problem with it, however, go for it!

well what i would do is that i would ask my best friend what she thinks and then i would tell that guy what she says if she says no say no way u dated my best friend and i will not date u and if she says yes my best friend says that i can date u and i want to date u too

you should give his best friend a chance and if it makes u happy than do it

Avoid him like the plague. He is not good for you or your friend. I would let her know in a gentle way that she is dating a jerk. Best friends are forever. Boys come and go.

You are in a tough situation. I say tell your best friend you like him too, and if she knows, then let her date him. If by her unlucky chance they break up, ask her if you can go out with him. Hope i helped =D

tell your parent that you are going shopping with you friend but you go on the date with the guy you like

That's a really tough situation. Well first does your ex know or like your best friend? If he does like her then its all up to you. Either give your best friend permission to date him or don't let her date him. If she gets mad at you for telling her she cant date him then she isn't a true friend. A best friend is usually forever and a bf is not going to last too long.

Go to a place where you and your date both want to go.

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