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How do you grow black hair?


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It's easy actually. Many people ask me and I always tell them the same things. Here are some ways to grow black hair.

1.) GET A TRIM Yes I know what your thinking..." wait a minute isn't cutting your hair making it shorter" but you do need a trim. not a lot just a half of an inch that's all!
this prevents split ends from reaching the scalp damaging all your hair. look on the bright least you don't have to cut IT ALL off.

2.) YOUR HAIR NEEDS NUTRIENTS if you have a poor diet your hair will suffer. That's because all the nutrients you get from that poor diet go straight to the internal organs to keep them healthy and not your hair. That's really unfair! So eat right take multivitamins (vitamins B, C, and E are good) everyday to make sure you start you day right! Your hair will thank you!

3.)GET YOUR BLOOD CIRCULATING exercise is a good way to get blood circulating. But a good way to get blood circulating in your scalp is to massage your scalp or put your head down and sit your legs up (get upside down) and stay there for 30 seconds a day. Its so easy to do!

4.) KEEP HAIR MOISTURIZED. At all times your hair needs moisture no exceptions. You need to wash your hair once a week and always back it up with a conditioner. deep condition every 3 weeks for a big boost in moisture. Also every day you need a leave in conditioner to protect your hair.

5.) STAY AWAY FROM HEAT heat damages hair and causes breakage. if you ever want long hair you gotta stay away from it. Chemicals to! But if you do have you hair relaxed (like me) you need to care for it especially! but if you really need to use a heat tool always use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from heat and damage. but i highly recommend you don't use heat.

these are tips to help your grow if you want the best growth follow these instructions. you will be glad you did when your walking down the street with long healthy locks.

(also a good hair product to use is doo gro it really works!)