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Shave it.

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How do you grow under arm hair?


How fast does arm pit hair grow?

Really fast. the average woman shaves it off every two or three days.

Will you get under arm hair before genital hair?

First will come genital hair and under arm hair,shortly followed by facial and chest hair.

What will happen when the girl hits puberty besides the period?

Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs. Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs.

Do all girls have hair under their arm pits?

yes almost all girls have under arm hair but some girls get laser hair removal.

Can arm hair grow as long as your hair on your head?

it is possible. some people cut their arm hair but if u don't then it can be that long. yes

What can I do to grow hair in my arm pits?

Reach puberty.

Will Silica make arm hair grow to?


When will hair grow in arm pit?

Because we'remammals.

How do human bodys grow apart from getting taller?

Boys - pubic hair , penis gets bigger, adems appel, under arm hair, hips get slimmer, faceial hair, and some more littel things Girls- pubic hair, under arm hair, Breasts grow, Nippels get bigger, hips widen, thighs widen, weight gain and once again littel small things. both get more mutcher and have "strops"

How can you make your arm pit hair grow faster?

You cannot.

How do you grow arm pit hair faster?

In time it will grow, as you go through puberty your armpit hair will grow, you don't need them straight away.

How do you get rid of under arm hair?

Use a trusted hair removal cream ..

How do you get more under arm hair?

Wait for maturity

How can you stop your arm pit hair from growing fast?

you will want to cover your armpit hair with lemon rind

Does Lucas Till have armpit hair?

Yes lucas does have arm pit hair, although not very manly person he still does have the capability to grow arm pit hair. yes it is surprising.

Will shaving your whole arm make the hair darker when it grows back?

yes your hair will grow darker ..... I did shave my arms before and the hair grow back a bit darker

Why girls have under arm hair?

Because they're human.

How do you get hair under your arm gone?

well... try shaving.

How to stop under arms hairs from growing?

take olive oil and removal hair lotion and but in on their and shave it smoothly barley touching your arm so hair doesn't grow back. and then rinse and let your arm dry to not rub on a towel then it will get TO DRY, and not work right.

Why does your under arm smells?

You're under arms are exsessivly rubbing together with sweat. Along with the hair folicles that grow under their. A meal of bacteria grows along the under arm and eats away the sweat and oil giving off a groteque odor. Same things happen with bad smelling feet.

What happen to you as you reach puberty?

- darker leg and arm pit hair - hair by your crotch - you get your period - you grow boobs

Will your hair grow?

if you are 40 or older and you have hair lose problems on your 4 head you can shave your under arm hair and stick it on your head!!!! if you are younger than 30 its okay cause im bald too!!!and im a woMAN!!!i mean a woman

What is the English term of buhok sa ilok?

Under arm hair

What does it mean if you have hair on your testicles but not under your arm pits?

In puberty, hair does not all come at once; often the pubic region is first. Axillary hair (arm pits) will probably come later.