How do you hack arctic antics?

Just to let you know that site doesn't work ( it apparently converted your 2000 points to 3000, but its hard enough to get 2000 let alone 3000) and i went to it before and the owner has delete the download for some strange reason.

If you want to win and 2000+ points with no download I would do the following:
Buy mystery parcels.
To get them wait till someone wins a buy a square and go straight the shop.
90% of the time there will be some mystery parcels.
Buy one.
Keep buying mystery parcels until you have accumulated enough so that when you sell them you will have 1500+ points
But be careful some things melt or shrink or run away after a specific amount of weeks of having them and there is also the DEVILS HAND which takes away 50 points but that doesn't really matter because you are not competing and can easily get 50 points back. The best item is a fan it sells good and never runs!
When you have at least 1500 points worth or items and it is a new week sell them ALL then do what you usually do and put in all the coupon codes, find atom, do the quizzes and everything else. Then you will have at least 2000 points.

NOTE: Other people might have the same idea as you, so if i was you i would get at least probably 2300 of items to sell, possibly and sell some so you have 2000 and if there is another person they will think they'll win sell all there stuff and then you can BOOM sell everything else OWN them and WIN!!!

(Making a website soon to refer to!)