How do you handle a wife who loves her family more?

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teach her alife lesson i taught my wife i brought her to the zoo as a suprise and she stayed with the penguins for 3 nights her home behavior has changed so much it is just wonderful what a zoo can do for a family of four it is said that penguins get people thinking straight and help you find real answers fast
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How does a wife not love any more?

Answer . Some say that love is just a temporary madness. Others will say that feelings can change over time and loose interests. Perhaps she never trully loved you to begi

How can you tell if he loves you more then hes wife?

If he spends more time with you and wants to see you more. If he has that fire in his eyes when you make love. If he tells you he loves you alot then you know he must be crazy

Do men love the girlfriend or wife more?

Only that particular individual knows at the time but in most cases despite the affair a husband has no intention of losing or ever leaving their wife for the affair which wou

Why does your wife show more love to a stranger?

If your talking about the man she is seeing, yes it is a bit different. If I don't know better the man she is seeing is giving her more time and attention, that you probably h
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How do you handle a wife?

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How to make your wife love more?

You can make your wife love you more by buying her gifts andspending more time with her.
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How can handle wifes?

The best way to handle your wives is by providing for them.