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There are still studs beneath the plaster and laths they are just harder to find than a modern built wall.

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Q: How do you hang wall cabinets without studs my wall is plaster?
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What is the best way to hang wall mounted cabinets?

The best way to hang wall mounted cabinets would be to start with a level line on the wall where the bottom edge of the cabinets will line up. Then line them up so they're all even and screw the into the wall making sure they're screwed into studs.

How do I hang bathroom cabinets?

I want to hang new bathroom cabinets. What do I need to do it and can I do it myself?

How do you hang cabinets on metal studs -- need to install base and wall cabinets in an office that has metal stud walls and a drop ceiling?

The correct way is to install a 2x 6 backer plate between the studs where the cabinets are to be hung. If there is not one there you can tear out the drywall and install one. However the base cabinets can be attached using metal drywall screws or lag bolts. Since the countertop will put weight on these they really wont go anywhere, the wall cabinets are the main concern. you can try to use metal stud screws and lag bolts on them as well.

How do you hang drywall over plaster of Paris?

Paster of paris is a form of drywall, so I'm unclear on your meaning except possibly you have a wall with plaster over lath and want to cover it with drywall. You can find the studs electronically and go ahead and attach drywall to the face of the plaster with extra long screws. - Personally, I would rather repair whatever is wrong with the plaster and lath.

How do you hang curtains on plaster walls?

Traditional wall anchors can pull out of plaster walls when attempting to hang curtains. A better option is to use toggle bolts and brackets.

How do you hang a 45 pound mirror on a plaster wall?

Get Kevin to do it

Can you use dry wall screws to hang cabinets?

Yes, you can. I usually pre-drill a 1/8 hole in each inside corner for the drywall screw to go through the wood, and also screw a length of 1/4 round to the studs for the cabinets to sit on. This helps with the load bearing and to keep them in line.

Do you spray texture on the walls before or after you hang kitchen cabinets?

After you hang the cabinets. Tape off the cabinets and anything else before you spray. However, sprayed texture looks REALLY tacky on the walls unless it is artfully done by a decorative painter. Why don't you just paint?

How do you hang pictures on plaster walls?

Use wall anchors or toggle bolts.

Should you put in cabinets or laminate wood floors first?

you build a house from ground up... floors down first, then hang up the cabinets

How can you hang a shelf that requires 16 inch wall studs when you have 24 inch wall studs?

Use 1 stud and a wall anchor on the other end.

How do you hang kitchen cabinets in concrete walls?

there is no real difference from hanging them on drywall accept that this time you don't need to search for studs-- you just need to pre-drill into the concrete and use thread sleeves to catch the screws, as well as as finish trim moulding to go around the cabinet

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