How do you hard wire a radio in a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Cut the wire connector off from the stock radio and plug it in to the connector, with the ignition off and using a voltage tester find a wire with 12 volts and that will be your batt. connection. then with the ignition on find a wire that previously had no power that now has 12 volts and that will be your ign connection. Now as for the speakers you can remove the door panels and observe the colors of the wires there and use the same ones at the connection to hook them up, or purchase a manual on your vehicle to get the wiring diagram, you can use a continuity tester to identify which is which, or I have heard that you can use a 9v battery and through trial and error find the correct wires by listening for a buzzing sound in the speaker when you have found the right two for each one. I recommend getting the manual since there are many more things you will need it for in the future.