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Most of us on this board have been hurt by someone we truly loved and it's painful, but we do survive. Right now you miss the person a lot, but soon, when a little time goes by you'll just get plain angry and if you're smart you'll use that anger to move on with your life. Most of us do. There is someone out there that is special for you and we all have to go through the world taking different paths to find out which one is for us. Consider yourself lucky that you found out now and not later. Good luck Marcy

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2006-03-23 06:32:24
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Q: How do you heal a broken heart after a rebound relationship and be yourself again?
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If you met your boyfriend 3 months after he split up with his ex and its now been a year into the relationship and he's still friends with his ex is it a rebound relationship?

well if its been a year into your relationship then he must really see something in you.And 3 months after a relationship ends its not a rebound, if it was about a week or two then yeah.Another thing and if it was a rebound he would of ended up with his ex again

Why a girl runs from a relationship?

cause she doesn't want to get her heart broken again

Can a broken heart learn to trust again?

Yes, a broken heart can definitely learn to trust again. It may take a lot of time, though, depending on how badly your trust was broken. Take it slow with your next relationship, and be honest with him or her about your feelings.

How can rules shape relationships?

Rules can be good in a relationship to keep things together but you also need to remember that rules were meant to be bent, not broken! let yourself have a little fun every now and again. too much freedom or too little freedom can destroy a relationship!

How do you get a girl to like you again after two broken relationships?

Most people who break up and get back together again will end the relationship again. Best to move on to someone who is more compatible.

When was Broken Again created?

Broken Again was created in 2007.

What gets an old friend to be your friend again?

try to repair your broken relationship by communicating honestly and don't forget to have fun :)

What happens if you get cheated on?

It's awful at first, then it gets better. Because whatever the circumstances, you will live to love again. this time with the gift of knowledge. Work on yourself and reprogram your brain to let it go! don't dwell on it, or try to get revenge. This is a waste of your energy. Give yourself time before you hook up again. Expect a rebound relationship, and expect regreting it. Everyone wants to be accepted in this world, and a quick fix just dont do it. CARMA just wait I promise.

In Magic the Gathering the card Distortion Strike says it has rebound Now how many times can you rebound it Or can you rebound it every upkeep?

Rebound only works when the card is cast from your hand. So; You cast Distortion Strike from hand, Since you cast it from hand, exile it when it resolves, At the beginning of your next upkeep, cast it from exile, and since it was not cast again from your hand, it stays in exile, and doesnt effect anything again.

What is 5 letter word for rebound?

Carom meaning to strike and take back once again.

How should I react to my friend's recent divorce and rebound relationship?

It's their life and relationship, there is really no reason for you to react in any way. You may have your opinion about it, but they probably don't want to hear it. Particularly if it is negative. Depending on what kind of relationship you have with this person, you might state your feelings about it, you concern about the rebound relationship if that is what it is and let it go at that. They probably won't hear you but you get to say I told you so after it ends. Again, it's their life. For the most part, we just have to sit back and watch other people hit the wall on their own. That's just the way we are wired.

How To Fix A Relationship?

once broken, things will never be the same again, so walk away as soon as it's broken, to be honest it saves a lot of time and grief when you could've been happy in that time, if you had've just walked away in the first place, if you were meant to be with that person then the relationship wouldn't have broken in the first place :) so don't bother trying to fix something that can never be fixed as you will just drive yourself crazy over someone who might not even care, nothing lasts forever!

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